Mar 28, 2012

Reusing and simple photography box

Who these days still listens to cassette tapes? Probably no one, but hey, if 8-tracks and LP’s could make a Retro comeback, why not these! I still have a dozen Maxell cassette tapes in their wrapper if they should become a collectible, lol. And a cassette tape recorder in working order. Well, the quality just isn’t like digital is, but neither are 8-tracks or LP’s. Maybe they just take us back to the good old days.

Anyway, I stored my polymer clay on a shelf but thought it wasn’t such a good idea in the winter since I have the heat on a lot and heat rises…so when hubby asked me if I wanted 4 old cassette tape drawers I immediately thought of clay storage. They have convenient slots, but the problem was when I opened the drawer, the weight of the blocks would knock themselves over and off the back of the drawers which made it impossible to close again. So I cut some cardboard from a cereal box (Cornflakes anyone?) and made backs for the drawers. Now they work. I have plenty more clay refills in a bigger box stored in a cool dark place, but for a quick fix I have these drawers. I just labelled them so I know where to find which colour. My printer sits on one and open blocks of clay are in a decorative tin.


Here is my photo studio. I accidentally deleted a photography how to from 5 years ago…oops. But here is a simple way to photograph your items…with a frosted tote bin. I lined it with white poster board, but use other decorative papers (and some of my water colours) as backdrops. My desk lights are long daylight tubes, so I don’t need any other lighting.


Mar 27, 2012

Tentacles and out of the box

I’m really in the mood to make some non-regular Earrings, ear hangers, gauges, posts, clip-on type. Although I like any style of familiarity when it comes to earrings, I feel the need to get out of using the same style of hooks and just dangling something from them. Those have become too routine and I need to get out of the box and explore a bit more. Anyone else feel like that?

Just recently when I made these dragons #8, my mother who is turning the big seven O this year requested to please send them to her. I asked if she really would want to wear these and she replied “oh YES!” I already had someone else request them, so made another pair. Then she saw these and wanted them too. She still looks good with her auburn long hair, so yes, I can imagine them, but requested a photo…not sure if she’ll let me post it here tho, lol.

So, after my daughter snagged these earrings, I went about and created this similar pair as well as the next with faux glass droplets which is number 12 on the 52 earrings a year challenge. Both use my crackle technique.DSC07179


The next is #13 and has a Theme…”Twigs” and a few people have already begun to post them…so I better work on that, although the above pair looks kind of twiggy.

Mar 21, 2012

Happy Spring!

It’s officially Spring, but can’t tell by our weather…we had snow today. Wondering why we couldn’t have had this on Christmas, lol. Actual Winter seems to be starting later and later, although I heard Saskatchewan had summer temps of 26 Degrees. Weird or what! We’ve been having Hurricanes and pelting hail, then sunshine, all in one day but the only heat is from the fireplace…

Anyway, about winds…the last couple of days were an absolute whirlwind, since my newest Crackle Technique was Featured on Polymer Clay Daily! The result was just like the title says! Absolutely amazing! Thanks Cynthia! lol


I wanted to post these earrings sooner. They are my #11 in the 52 Earrings a Year Challenge on Flickr. The theme is ‘Spring’ and fitting for this 1. day thereof.  Wondering which ones to submit??


Mar 14, 2012

Playing catch up

I’ve had to do some catching up with a whole bunch of things at home here, but also meant to post more earrings and I’m behind. So I’m posting my #9 and #10 Earrings at the same time. This is for the Earring Challenge which you can visit by clicking on the widget to the right of this post.

These earrings weren’t really challenging in the sense of execution, but a challenge with the time limitations I’m having at the moment. Hope to come up with something better for #11 which has a Theme “Spring”. wish me luck! (it’s been stormy, hailing and snow.I could use a little Spring, lol)

#9 are some Faux hammered Copper Earrings. To make the hammered look, I used a stylus to emboss the clay and then applied metallic copper mica.

faux copper

#10 Hawaiian Hibiscus Crackle with resin. I used my New Crackle Technique along with one of my stencils. I silkscreened the Hibiscus with copper paint.


Mar 3, 2012

52 Earrings a Year #8 Lucky Dragon

Number 8 is considered a Lucky number in Chinese and Japanese Culture although for slightly different reasons. It’s only fitting then that my 8th earring would be a dragon since this is also the Year of the Dragon. In the Chinese Zodiac, the Dragon is the mightiest of the signs. Dragons symbolize such character traits as dominance and ambition. Dragons prefer to live by their own rules and if left on their own, are usually successful. They’re driven, unafraid of challenges, and willing to take risks. There is much more to be said about this sign, but Dragons aren’t just found in Asian Culture but pervade much of Nordic and Germanic Mythology also and probably many other cultures as well.
2012 is the year of the Water Dragon. Water calms the Dragon’s fire. Water Dragons are able to see things from other points of view. They don’t have the need to always be right. Their decisions, if well-researched, are usually better since they allow others to become involved. This is my interpretation for an earring…You can be involved in commenting about it…Smile
“Pyra”, a Fire Dragon, is not too amused having this little guy crawl all over her, but she’s fairly patient. She’s turning a little red, so I better give her a breather and put this nameless little guy in the ear of the Venus bust…Just a little fun! Can be worn a few different ways…
While I was at it I made another pair of simple spirals which can also be worn a few different ways…
or like this…
SSSSlithering precioussss ssssomethings, these ones were made with a crackled texture…I think I’m going to make more along those lines.
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