Jan 29, 2011

Boticena Marble Dragonfly - Polymer clay tutorial

I'm happy to present you with my latest Polymer clay tutorial on how to make Dragonfly pendants. You can find it in my Etsy or ArtFire shop in the right side bar. Here is the header...

Jan 28, 2011

Beginner Polymer clay - Marvelous Marble

Got Scrap polymer clay or don't know what to do with it? Make Marble. Click on the photos to enlarge...

How to wrap a wire loop

Making jewelry and pendants from your polymer clay will often require a little wire work, so here is a mini tutorial on how to make a secure wire loop.

Step 1:  Use the tip of round-nose pliers to grasp the wire right above the bead. Form a 90° bend in the wire.

 Step 2: Grasp the wire at the bend with your round-nose pliers and pull the tail wire over the top of the pliers' jaws.Here the top jaw of the pliers is in the loop.
 Step 3: Change the position of the pliers so the bottom jaw is in the loop.

Step 4: Swing and bend the tail wire around the loop.

Step 5 : Keep the tail wire horizontal as you coil it tightly down the neck wire.

Step 6: Crasp the loop with flat nose pliers and tuck the end wire in as much as possible.

Step 7: And trim with flush or side cutters.
 Done...except now I need another one for some earrings!

Jan 21, 2011

To cure, bake, cook, fire or harden?

Depending on what terminology you prefer, we bake, cook, fire or harden polymer clay. Isn't it a bit confusing? Or do we really care as long as the project turns out! The terminology doesn't really bother me.
Even various Polymer Clay manufacturers are divided on what to call the hardening process. Premo clay says "Baking should be completed by an adult". Fimo clay says "Harden in home oven..." and Kato polyclay says "Bake in oven at..." although the front of the package says "oven hardening". I believe many Artists are just as divided on what to call the process.  I'm curious...what do you prefer to say??

About process...I just finished and listed a new tutorial, based on some recent projects. Here is one for

Bead Cord Ends with Personality - Imitative Metal


Jan 18, 2011

Now why did I delete that Program for?

For some reason I noticed this program on my computer and gave it a try, only to realize that while it was free it came with advertising. All I wanted was to be able and insert photos in a table sort of thing, but it turned itself into a slideshow which I didn't want. I inserted photos and clicked on 'save' (even though I wasn't quite finished) and was taken to a website. Then when it was published it had advertising on it and didn't like because it detracts, so deleted the program...
Just now I go into my Picasa and I see the photo collage there! ohhhhhh...but I have deleted the program and don't know where I had gotten if from, lol. tsk tsk...lesson learned...don't always be in such a rush to get rid of things! I suppose there are other ways to do collaged photos, but this was so simple!...drag and drop into space.
Here is the photo...

Jan 17, 2011

Polymer Clay Heart Pendants and Ancient Jewelry Series

This is my 22nd year with polymer clay. Seems like so long ago that I began to work with this wonderful chameleon-like material. It can mimic so many materials, stone, bone, wood, metal... with the exception of one long sought after...truly transparent glass. While we have translucent clay, it alone can't harness the shine. Sanding and buffing translucent clay is an arduous task and still doesn't compare to the silica based glass. We've added resin to this material, but are still limited to flat and level surfaces. Using thick glossy lacquers are limiting in dimensionality. There is still much left to explore and discover.
I've revisited some of my past work again...and returned to metal pulvers and mica's especially for my latest hearts some of which have an industrial steampunk look and also for the Ancient jewelry series or renaissance jewelry.

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