Jul 31, 2009

Pebbles and almost every stone

I've made a few Pebls again. Should you wonder what Pebls are, they are Polymerclay evolved beach-like stones. I came up with the name for a swap I hosted in 2007 for Clayamies. You can have a look at the pebble bracelets here.

What have I been up to since last posting (besides family visiting, beading, claying...). I made a few Pebls for earrings and necklaces. Incorporated a few in my Picasso pendants, black wire frames that I hammer into shapes and then wire up with gemstones. These have become quite popular sellers for me at various galleries and shops. One customer couldn't resist and had to purchase two! When I created custom earrings for her and went to meet at a local gallery, she couldn't decide and took a few pairs as well. She insisted I get them into the bigger cities and she's going to show off hers. lol...I love customers that are enthusiastic about my creations.

Here are 3 styles of pebls, gray rocks with 'quartz' veins, red 'jasper' and "garnet schist'

Add a black "Basalt"...

Almost every Gem I could muster, Lemon quartz, topaz, amethyst, rainbow flourite, turquoise....I think I'll call this pendant...

"Almost every stone"

I finally started a video for the Pebls, but will continue with it this coming week.
I've had a few requests on how I create my banded rocks with the quartz inclusion. Videos aren't easy to shoot, especially when I'm my own artist, director and camera person. You may catch me with my finger on the 'remote', lol. I can see that editing is already a daunting task since I'm so 'picky'! I'll give it a shot, pardon the pun, but may also turn the tutorial into a photographic one, like I'm used to doing. The plus with video is that I can show some of the trickier aspects without producing a flip photo-style book. I'll be aiming for 5 or 6 styles of Pebls.

Jul 8, 2009

Layered Polymer Clay Discs

Oh my, how time flies. Wednesday already! Had a friend visiting for a couple of days that we tried to cram with as much Polymer Clay as possible. There was a lot of 'lets try this! or that!' but we didn't get as much done as we'd hoped for. Some of it was work...namely 'sanding', but we took some breaks with beach and forest walks to clear our heads or give our shoulders and hands a rest. Beach and sand and sanded fingertips...mm...The weather wasn't too great, a bit drizzly and wet, but this is a Rainforest, what can I say, misty facials, lol.

Our heads are crammed full with ideas! It was inspiring to chat in person about various techniques. While Vanessa has left for home, my work isn't done. I still need to finish the box that I started and create a few more molds and stencils. Some of the stencils I made didn't work out...photoEZ has a limited shelf life when undeveloped.

We actually got something done and finished! - Layered polymer clay disc necklaces similar to Bettina Welker's necklace in PolymerCafe ( Summer 2007). Instead of magnetic closures we used a beaded loop-over-button method. We chose a mokume gane technique instead of texture. While the concept of the layered disc necklace is appealing to me, the flipping and layering of the beads at random when the necklace is picked up and laid back down again, is not. It would be a problem when trying to sell such a necklace in person, it would require constant fussing with the beads to stack up properly again. I thought that adding size 6 czech seedbeeds between the disc beads would help prevent the problem, it didn't, but it gives the back of the necklace a tidier finish and also lengthened it a bit, necessary for my larger size. I think this necklace will be a 'keeper', that is, I will wear it. I'm going to play a bit more with the concept and am sure I can come up with a way to keep the beads stacked.

The dark blue necklace is Vanessa's, the azure blue is mine. Aren't they lovely?

Jul 1, 2009

Polymer Clay Tutorial on Sea Urchins published

The much anticipated tutorial is now published on Artfire. If you've wanted to create your own sea urchins from polymer clay, I now have step by step instructions published.
First I will show you how to create a mold from a real sea urchin (ready made molds are also available for purchase).
Then you will go on to learn how to create a hollow polymer clay sea urchin and finally you will learn the effect of color for added realism.

This ebook is packed with 35 steps, 43 photographs, and 16 pages.

As I said, ready made molds are also available so that you can...

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