Mar 30, 2010

Polymer Clay Batik - Butterflies in Flight

I'm still very excited about my new polymer clay Batik and Shimmer technique which creates a batik like effect over shimmering clay. Again, I use no pearlex or gold leafing, although the latter can be used. Pearlex can enhance any bezel added around a pendant. Depending on the textures and colours you choose, each creation will look  unique and different and that is what I like about the faux batik. It is possible to recreate batches though. Does this make you curious? I hope so, lol.

Anyway, I'm very pleased that Arlene of Harrison Hollow Designs has allowed me to share her creation of using the Batik Technique. I love the spring colours. Arlene has this gorgeous necklace for sale on Etsy.
 If you are pleased with this technique and have a photo or link to share, please drop me a note.

Mar 28, 2010

Polymer Clay Tutorial - Make Mini Display Stands

Here is a polymer clay tutorial that shows you how to make small effective display stands for your earrings and rings using polymer clay. All measurements are approximate as you can make the bases as big as you like, but should be a minimum of 1 1/4 inches (35mm). You can embellish these further as the instructions are very basic. One should possess basic skills such as conditioning, hand rolling, and texturing. Just click on the photos for larger view and readability.

Mar 26, 2010

Polymer Clay Beach Pebbles for Peter Pan

I'm back into full swing with my polymer clay beach pebbles. The last couple of days were spent making pebbles in different colours and sizes. Some my pebbles are going to be used in J.M Barrie's "Peter Pan in San Francisco" by Threesixty Degrees . Check out this LINK there is a short movie clip there. Reminds me of Cirque du Soleil. Wish I could see the show!

Peter Pan will open April 27th, making its debut on the Embarcadero across the street from the Ferry Building. The show was a huge success at Kensington Park in London last summer. The stage is very unique because with all the flying, Peter Pan and cast need more than just a standard stage. Enter the round, state of the art theatre, a 360-degree pavilion, which seats 1350 people. 

Mar 23, 2010

New Polymer Clay Technique - Batik and Shimmer

Thanks to for all the wonderful comments. I should have just followed my intuition and posted it yesterday, lol because I feel the same way as most of you. A few felt I should hang on to it for a while, but as I sort of live in the moment with polymer clay and never stick to one particular way of doing things and as I continually strive to create something new and quickly move on, well, I might as well share.
So, I've posted the Tutorial on my ArtFire. I will list it elsewhere, but ArtFire is so simple both for listing as well as purchasing from, so I started there.

Here is the Tutorial LINK

Mar 22, 2010

Polymer Clay Batik & Shimmer Technique

I'm getting ready to publish this new technique which will be my 23rd polymer clay tutorial.
I'm calling it Batik and Shimmer. The tutorial which is now ready has two variations on the technique. could make buttons with this technique as the finished product is washable!

I'm getting some good feedback with the pendants and a few people have expressed they'd like to know how I achieve this look. I only discovered it a while ago and some may feel I will be sharing it too soon instead of selling the finished work I create from it...although I am thinking of listing pendants and cabochons for others to incorporate into their beadwork. So what should I do...??
What would you do and please be honest with your can vote by clicking in the check box below if you want to stay anonymous, lol.....or I'd appreciate if you left me a comment :)

Mar 20, 2010

Polymer Clay Shimmer Pendants

I've been asked to post more photos and colours of my Shimmer technique, so here are a few more...Golden Abalone, Violet Indigo Fire and Golden Pond

Mar 17, 2010

Peacock Shimmer Polymer Clay - Cabochons

I am going to be making more cuff bracelets with bead embroidery and need some special and unique cabochons to set them off. Polymer Clay is the perfect material and allows me to make something that defines my work, emphasizes originality and at same time gives me a bit of a niche. The local gallery requested some simpler bead embroidered pendants and earrings that can be affordable by almost anyone, along with the more exquisite pieces for the clientèle that wants to make a statement with what they wear. I'll still be incorporating semi-precious stones and crystal, but adding polymer clay will also allow me to express my creativity in a broader way.
I've been back in my experimental mode and am delighted to have discovered a new technique. Well, perhaps it isn't new, but I haven't seen this before, so this is new to me. I wish the photo could convey the dimensional chatoyancy of the metallics that shift in the light with whatever angle the piece is held at. I think these will be called Peacock Shimmer...I already have some Lustrous Sunset in mind. is a sneak preview at a few.

Mar 15, 2010

Polymer Clay metallic and resin pendants

Between finishing the bead embroidered cuff I managed to finish off a few metallic and resin pendants. I thought I'd make a few pendants to match the stud and clip on earrings I had a request for.
I have two 6 oz bottles of magic glos to use up and after all 50 pairs of studs and about 10 pendants I'm still good with about 1 1/4 bottles. Good thing because I need to make more! Will also list a few on Etsy and ArtFire in the next couple of days.

Since getting the bigger lamp, production is a little quicker, although all pendants still require the 2 layers of resin to prevent the resin from pulling away from itself along the edges. Am very pleased the way these ones turned out.

Polymer Clay Rings and Accessories

While the cuff bracelet is strictly bead embroidery, the ring is made from polymer clay, metal and a crystal rivoli cabochon. Finally finished, the set is going to the Gallery tomorrow morning to be shipped to Vancouver asap as the performance takes place March 20th, so I am told.

I'm told I will be sent a photo of the Star herself, but when is unclear and permission to post will be another matter. I always ask. If the answer is 'no', I can respect that. Nevertheless, I'm quite excited to be able to add this to my portfolio and as the 4th Star I've been able to adorn. A Singer-Songwriter, one actress and actor and now an Opera wonderful. What is missing...? lol

The bracelet is quite heavy, so finished it with adjustable chain and lobster clasps in back to prevent it from falling off should the performer flick her arm or hand. The base of the embroidery is a metal cuff armature over which is sewn ultrasuede. The criss-cross effect of the chain gives the cuff a corset laced look and the beads that dangle from the chain add extra movement with the hand.

Apparently I have gotten good reaction from the purchaser when the gallery sent the previous photo with a sample ring...I think she'll like this better matching one even more.
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