Nov 18, 2009

2 Days with Julie Picarello

I finally get to write about the fabulous 2 day Polymer Clay Workshop that I spent in Vancouver amongst old and new friends and the fabulous Ms. Julie Picarello. You'll probably recognize her style...

I love Julie's style, not only her wonderful mokume gane work and jewelry, but also her style of teaching. I absorbed as much as I could. I actually got into trouble with Julie when 'someone told on me'! that I'm a sanding rebel! She had to have a word with me about that and I promised sheepishly that I would sand. Well, it really didn't help that most of my usual work is of such nature that it doesn't require sanding. Pebbles, anyone? lol Ok...seriously...I don't really need any convincing that the mokume gane would benefit from some sanding. It really makes it 'finished' and of course do I want my pieces to look finished (when they get finished, haha). What I loved about this workshop, there was a lot of laughter! (we all got to wear our comfy slippers and Julie had chocolates on her table that we got to munch on!...mmm...)

Julie taught us her particular style of mokume gane with imprint and incorporating interesting bits of funky metals, drilling, sanding, copper tube bails and intriguingly patterned lizard tails...Thank you for a great weekend, Julie. (Sorry about the pic...I should have aimed a little folks, Julie is not wearing a hair barrette...oops)

Julie instructing and intent listeners...

Well, those are some of my 'colors' and then I made this...

 I think it was a nice surprise. Ok, ok...not finished yet. I'll show you later, I still have to sand! lol

Julie's fabulous jewelry.

and interesting 'lizard' tails...I see a lot of potential!

Group Photo...we all fit in!!
That shot took some maneuvering on a ladder, lol. A very Big Thanks to Linda ( third up from bottom left with her hand on my shoulder). Linda was our wonderful Hostess for this Retreat. Those of us that chose to stay with Linda got comfy beds, yummy goodies for breakfast and lunch and a great atmosphere in a wonderful home. Check out Linda's blog for any upcoming workshops or happenings in the Vancouver area...

I want to do this again...asap!!

Nov 17, 2009

Imitative Beach Pebble Tutorial - Series 3

I've finally finished part 3 of the Imitative Beach Pebble Tutorial. Use Polymer Clay to imitate Epidote , Lava and Pumice stones.

 $16 (IBP-3)

You can find it in my Artfire shop with the other tutorials or you can purchase from my blog here via secure Paypal checkout and immediate file download. You will first be directed to a page that offers some of my other tutorials on there, also for immediate download.

Shortly I will also list individual rocks, so that you can mix and match which tutorials you want. I will also put together a package for all 3 tutorials in the series for a 10% discount. If you have previously purchased both of my part 1 and 2, send me a message and I will send you a coupon for an equal discount. My apologies ahead of time, but I can only do this through my Artfire Shop as Etsy does not have the feature to apply gift certificates or coupons.
Individual Tutorials for single stones are also going up like these ones:

($6.00 Ryolite)

$6.00 (Basalt Rock)

Nov 3, 2009

Imitative or Faux techniques

Came across a wonderful list of various faux polymer clay techniques.  Ever wondered how to make Lapis Lazuli, Leather or Raku, then have a lookie in Craft Stew!
The site has a lot of other techniques also, such as sewing, crocheting, paper crafts and even woodworking. Don't know why I didn't know about this site until now, but am glad to have found it.

(above image is one of my faux bone cabs)
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