Mar 28, 2012

Reusing and simple photography box

Who these days still listens to cassette tapes? Probably no one, but hey, if 8-tracks and LP’s could make a Retro comeback, why not these! I still have a dozen Maxell cassette tapes in their wrapper if they should become a collectible, lol. And a cassette tape recorder in working order. Well, the quality just isn’t like digital is, but neither are 8-tracks or LP’s. Maybe they just take us back to the good old days.

Anyway, I stored my polymer clay on a shelf but thought it wasn’t such a good idea in the winter since I have the heat on a lot and heat rises…so when hubby asked me if I wanted 4 old cassette tape drawers I immediately thought of clay storage. They have convenient slots, but the problem was when I opened the drawer, the weight of the blocks would knock themselves over and off the back of the drawers which made it impossible to close again. So I cut some cardboard from a cereal box (Cornflakes anyone?) and made backs for the drawers. Now they work. I have plenty more clay refills in a bigger box stored in a cool dark place, but for a quick fix I have these drawers. I just labelled them so I know where to find which colour. My printer sits on one and open blocks of clay are in a decorative tin.


Here is my photo studio. I accidentally deleted a photography how to from 5 years ago…oops. But here is a simple way to photograph your items…with a frosted tote bin. I lined it with white poster board, but use other decorative papers (and some of my water colours) as backdrops. My desk lights are long daylight tubes, so I don’t need any other lighting.



Unknown said... those ideas Tina!!! I always try to reuse what I have and I have some storage for floppy discs....! I have to check out if I can use them for some more studio storage, too...;-))
Thank you for the idea!

Tejae: Heart Shaped Art said...

thanks Tina. Wow, how clever!! Love your storage and the photo set up.

Melobeau said...

The cassette drawer idea sounds like a super idea, especially adding the cornflakes box to the back. I've already recycled mine , but I've seen some recently at the thrift store, so I'll have to see if I can locate some. Love the idea of your frosted bin photography box, too. Thanks for sharing your creative ideas!

Lupe Meter said...

Cool ideas, Tina! Thank you for sharing them!

Toltec Jewels for Jewel School Friends said...

clever! I will be giving away a photography dome from Cloud Dome on my Jewel School page -- it so similar to yours, and made of white plastic -- only the photo dome is $200 retail! you are brilliant, Tina :)

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