Apr 26, 2009

Steam punk Turtles, Urchins and Flowers

Spent this later part of the week with some Polymer Clay play. Created some Turtle pendants and Flowers. Some of the Turtles are Steam punk....or Borg, whichever term one prefers. Some of the turtles have glass backs. The urchin has a wire wrapped cage.

For the flowers I used Lisa Pavelka's technique, the foil tear away method. One of the pendants has a blue agate, the other dichroic glass. I glued those in and then used Magic Glos. Worked beautifully on a sunny day, but had to do a few coats.

Apr 23, 2009

Broken China and Polymer Clay Patchwork

The title says it all, but I didn't fix my China with Polymer Clay. Broke the teapot on the kitchen floor which is Aluminum Laminate. I thought that floor was hardy. Wellllll...it was not! Put a hole in it. The China was pretty thick and heavy. Soooo....I mixed up some polymer clay and hardened it with a heat gun. It's patchwork (in center of photo), but at least one can't see the big white hole!
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