Aug 30, 2008

Studio Space

Well, our national and island polymer clay group is talking about 'studio space' and how we organize our tools and such. Here is a glimpse of my space and how I store some stuff.

This is my desk and extra worktable (plus I use another big one when I need it). The desk tray (whitish are in picture) used to be for a typewriter and pulls out into a neat worksurface....very handy! I've got a nice front drawer and 6 other drawers. The top drawer holds my very important long ruler, pens, inkpads, stamps. I pull out the drawer and my measuring tool is right there. Drawer #1 I use for all my wire work, anvil, hammer, wire, polishing cloth etc. Drawer #2 I use for all my bead embellishments like rivoli stones, crystal etc,. Drawer #3 and 4 for extra paints, armorall, babywipes, gloves, things to be covered. Drawer #5 for leather and fabric swaps Drawer #6 for paper goods, transfers, silkscreens.
This is how I store my most frequently used tools. Put a couple of tins inside a longer one which I use to hang all my pliers and hole punches. Timer is magnetic and ready to use.

This is how I store my cords, on the inside door of a closet beside my desk. Other cord I store in bins:

This is how I store my beads and supplies, most on hand and visible as outa sight is outa my mind. The extra drawers hold refills of beads, seedbeads, plastic baggies, lots of findings, more trays holding pendants etc. Above the beadtrays is a shelf with seedbead vials. Part of the wall holds all the gemstone beads.

This is where I store swap items, note books, clay textures, stamps, ephemera. I have tins like this all over the room and two others that store etsy stuff, packing materials, clay blocks. Also got a small rack to hold delica seed beads for easy access:
This is how I keep my most often used powders, paints and embossing powders, a little cupboard on my desk. Was a great find some years back at Costco, was filled with Essential oils and bath stuff:

Aug 29, 2008

Something Egyptian

Something finished! Yay! I should pat myself on the back that I finally finished something from so long ago. I'm such a procrastinator. In my last post I showed these pendants as unfinished. What gave me a kick in the ol' behind is that I have a Gallery request for something Egyptian, something 'rich'. Well, the Maat Necklace on the left is very rich....because....I used real vintage 18 KT, either vermeil* or goldfill *beads on there. They aren't just vintage but originally also from Egypt. I feel I was fortunate to get my hands on these. I met 70 something Nassrin about 10 years ago at a Water colour workshop. She told me she used to bead when she was younger, but that she had no use for them now. She invited me for tea and showed me tins and oodles of beads that I could not resist, including megasize turquoise blue and cobalt 'Donkey' beads (yep, used on Donkeys to ward off evil), but she also a large stash of beads from around 1920, small metal faceted seedbeads and even some "Colgate" beads that had perfume labels and scented with lilac. This was before they started making toothpaste.
Anyway, Nassrin had collected the beads for some time. Then she pulled out a silk bag filled with these gold beads. My jaw dropped. She remembered they were 18KT 'something', but not sure if they are either a heavy plate or filled. I didn't expect her to remember every detail, but knew she was as honest as honest can be. Today I took a bead and filed along the cap and filed and filed....well, I still see gold. Either it is a very thick layer or filled. Goldfill means a percentage of gold right through the metal, but usually it would be 12 or 14KT, not 18. Anyway, no matter to me, they cost me an arm and leg and that's why I hadn't used but a few until now. Now I'm thinking I either have to keep this necklace in my own collection or it will be up for sale, otherwise it'll have to fetch at least $350. The Nefertiti one will go to the Gallery. Both necklaces also have Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian, and Turquoise beads.

Aug 27, 2008

What to do with unfinished work....

Here are a few of my unfinished and half-finished pieces. The faux bone Maat Goddess pendant I made for a workshop I gave, the lower Nefertiti pendant I made back in 2002 and the Mokume Gane Japanese Text I don't even remember when, lol. I experimented with some finishes and have more "Egyptian" stuff than I know what to do with. Then there are the 'positive print' leaves I made...Pins? What to do with all this stuff. Any ideas?
The Nefertiti tile (with organza) and longer tile are still unbaked...bracelet tiles maybe?

Aug 17, 2008

Our boat sold to....Tom Cruise....?

This is from an old post originally published in 2008, but when put back in Draft mode and then when re-published will adopt a new date...odd. Wanted to show this story to a friend of mine, so won't be up long...

Well, looks like our boat sold. The neighbour was right there with a camera. Looking out the window I thought, why the heck would our neighbour out there be taking pictures of our boat...? Well, he wasn't taking pics of the boat, but of Tom Cruise! I went out to investigate and sure enough, there is my hubby talking to a bearded Mr. Cruise! (you can still tell!) Mr. Cruise plops down a bankdraft (no name on it other than the banks....weird). Boy that was quick!! Taking our baby away....we'll miss you! Got some pics. Finally, the bearded guy with big grin (nice white teeth) , shakes hands with hubby and hubby says: "Thanks Todd". Todd?....what?! not Tom? Sheesh....could have sworn it sure looks like him. I guess "Todd" will take her on a cruise and use as a sport fishing vessel or whatever he wishes. I asked my husband what the guys name really is and he says he doesn't know, that he only introduced himself as 'Todd'. I said: 'you mean you never ASKED him for a last name?' " got the money, didn't I?" Well, it was a fine boat and we'll miss "SeaDreamer V"
Well, Tom and Katy were here a few years back when Katy was pregnant with their daughter Suri. Walked right past them on the beach. Fascinating to spot celebrities in our parts. Actually not, according to other locals as we get them on a monthly basis, Robin Williams, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, Susan Sarandon, Danny DeVito (supposedly a very good tipper)...gawd I can't name them all, but Arnie Schwarzenegger came to visit our Harbour with his mega-yacht. This is after all a nice secluded place for them to come and visit. Hubby's cousin stayed at Patrick Dempseys flat last summer.
And hey....Tom Cruise, he isn't as tall as I thought, BUT....very fit! (click on picture to enlarge)...

Aug 16, 2008

And there goes that necklace

Remember the necklace I made a couple of posts back? Well, didn't take long...first market it shows up and woosh....gone. I think it really suits Julia of Victoria, BC who was kind enough to pose it for me. Looks great on her, doesn't it? It was a great Market btw. We actually had some fabulous duo singing in the most professional way, on occasion even sounding much like Sarah McLaughlan. They came all the way from Florida.

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