Mar 28, 2013

Mini Bowls

Bowls aren’t only decorative but small dishes and bowls are so handy and I use a few myself. They don’t just hold rings and other jewellery removed at bedtime or when doing dishes, but can be used for an assortment of trinkets. My husband uses a small wooden one for pocket change. They could of course hold all sorts of other things like sea shells and bits of sea glass, beads and even soap etc.

These here measure between 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 inches. My favourite is the one with Batik & Shimmer and Faux carved bone trim. I stamped the undersides with either my signature stamp or used initial cane slices.


Mar 19, 2013

Bead Soup Blog Party Partner: Jen VanBenschoten

Looks like I’m skipping Phase 3 of my Vases instead of adding the other components I had prepared. I decided I liked them better as they are with the bright faux abalone speaking for itself. Sometimes ‘less is more’.

About more! I’ll have some more beading to do!! About a week ago some gorgeous beads showed up in my mailbox all the way from New Jersey. My Bead Soup Blog Party partner this year is Jennifer VanBenschoten. Beaders should be familiar with the name because Jennifer is the Editor of  Interweave Press’ Beading Daily! ‘Beadwork’ and ‘Step by Step Wire Jewelry’ magazines are just a couple of fabulous hardcopies that Interweave publishes. I’ve had the pleasure of having a wire macrame tutorial published in a past issue of Step by Step Wire. I need to renew my subscription!

When I opened the package and read Jen’s note I had to giggle…yes I LOVE sparkle! Jen hit my taste spot-on. Jen sent me two bead soups. The colours are amazing and look at the dichroic cabochons!! The clasps are beautiful with colour reflecting vintage swarovski crystals.

I’ve already started on the purple set of beads, but can’t show you yet what I’m making, although I may post a sneak peak soon. Jen and I are in the 2nd reveal of the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party which takes place on April 6th. You can visit Lori Anderson’s blog to learn more about this annual Party which this year tops 500 participants from all over the Globe!

I sent Jen some of my handmade beads. Will be fun to see what she’ll create with these.

Mar 9, 2013

Vases–Phase 2

Here is the progress of my polymer clay covered glass vases. I used real beach glass for these as I want to use my handmade faux sea glass beads for future polymer clay beach pebble bracelets.
The vase on the right, just under the urchin rim has reflections, and the bottom half looks lighter than it really is, also due to light reflecting. Am pleased how shiny the faux abalone veneer is. The ‘spikes’ on the bottom of the taller vase are supposed to be sunflower starfish arms.The ones on left vase are octopus tentacles.

I could consider these vases finished, but will let them simmer a bit more. I have some boxes planned next.

Mar 7, 2013

Vases-Phase 1

I’ve been determined to make a few non-jewellery type of items this year. A few weeks ago I made covered some pens, if that counts, but I also used to make clocks, boxes and candle holders. I’ve had these glass vases for a while. The left measures just over 5 inches tall  and  the other one 6 1/2”.
I used the same mokume gane cane as for the Kaweco Pens. I had aimed for Abalone Shell and it’s ‘close’ but the colours just need a bit more tweaking. Although our West Coast Abalone is paler than New Zealand Abalone, my green is a tad bright and not quite teal enough. I sanded and buffed this first phase.
Close up…
Stay tuned for Phase 2…these aren’t done yet.

Mar 3, 2013

Sea or Beach Glass Tutorial is done!


thanks for being patient.
Also, since I was tutorial doesn't use Pardo clay. Pardo clays are still a bit hard to find, but Fimo products aren't.

You can now find this on my ETSY and ARTFIRE

Mar 2, 2013

Sea or Beach Glass from Polymer Clay

Many of you have asked me last year when I’d be writing this tutorial on faux sea glass. You waited patiently and things tend to take me forever from concept to doing and I’m happy to say that I should have this ready within the next day or two!! I’ll try and do it sooner, lol.  I thought I’d announce it now since I’m not just thinking about it, but actually doing it.

Update: it's on my Etsy and ArtFire now...

Recently Updated6-001
You may remember the earrings I had made with this technique and the post of some of my experiments back in February of last year and here as well. The teardrops on the earrings are faux glass as well. Polymer Clay Daily had posted about my experiments also, which is why I received quite a few emails afterward asking, but I can’t find the post there now. Anyway, this is a shard like I will show to do in various colors.
The tutorial will focus on making faux beach glass shards that one can use in jewelry such as my earrings. I’ll be posting here to update when it’s ready…stay tuned Smile
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