Feb 2, 2014

Spiky Elegance Bangle Bracelet Tutorial

I forgot to tell you about my latest tutorial! While it’s not persé a Polymer Clay tutorial it could certainly work with polymer clay beads! A while back I created faux rock spiky beads and used a shambala style clasp, that is with the macramé pull strings. The tutorial shows how to attach metal clasps and beadwork, but you could add the cord pull strings.

This is the initial bracelet I made with the polymer clay beads


And this is the Tutorial. It’s in all my shops, including Zibbet.

08-09-2013 spiky bracelets

Feb 1, 2014

Waterscape Jewellery

Currently one of the things I’m working on are some Waterscape Jewellery reminiscent of what I used to do in the early 90’s. Back then I called the popular miniature pieces ‘Underwater Scenes’ because they involved fish, octopus and other marine life. I created tiny pieces like coral, fauna, flora and fish from polymer clay and then mounted them on Hair barrettes, brooches, earrings, necklaces etc. Now I’m also creating scenes that take place above or on water that include lizards, frogs, and dragonflies. I just spent a few weeks making a variety of pieces and am told to prepare a bucket full, that these will sell well this season, but I also want to create each piece as a unique piece. Although tedious and a bit time-consuming, not only because of the small scale, but because of the multiple curing process in between elements, I do enjoy making these. Right now I’m contemplating putting away the clay and focus on completing some of these with cording, or beadwork such as bead-embroidery. The other part of me says to keep going with just a few more while the materials are out and on the go. Am thinking the later would keep the momentum going. That’s the downside of a small studio, not having enough desk or counter space to work on multiple things on the go or through the stages from start to finish, even though my husband keeps telling me I would have enough space if I didn’t clutter up my work areas so much. He’s probably right, but as an Artist I keep an ‘organized’ mess. I need to have a lot of materials in front of myself to keep the muse entertained, right?

DSC01456 DSC01454



I have a couple new creatures to add, such as lizard, toad and dolphin…

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