Jan 20, 2014

Kick-starting 2014 with a Mini Tutorial …

Kind of a late kick-start, but it’s still January. With ‘everyone’ seemingly on Facebook now,  it’s easy to neglect ones Blog, but it is actually easier to navigate. One can search for a particular subject, keyword or even tutorial. Posts on Facebook get lost amongst all the posts from Friends in the Newsfeed. The benefit of a blog is that while it shows up on my FB wall, I’ll also have it here to refer back to. This year I strive to bring you more updates. I tinker around so much with stuff in my studio and do have so many tips to offer, but I just get so involved that I forget to show you! I need to re-evaluate how I spend my time, you may be able to relate, lol.  I also want to focus more on my Zibbet shop as my Etsy and ArtFire are well set up. My Zibbet is far less costly and we all appreciate some savings right? You may have heard about an Exodus from Etsy to Zibbet, but I don’t intend to give up on Etsy yet, as each shop has its own benefit. Enough said, I digress. Show me already! you say, lol. Okay, okay! The Mini Tutorial!

USB Cover!

I had thought of doing this last year, but never got around to it, but recently a clay friend inspired with her version, so I bought a bunch of USB sticks. Mine are by HP (Hewlett-Packard) which is my fave trusted brand for computer geekery. And these sticks are very small physically, but not so small when it comes to saving Data. I bought both 16 GB and 32 GB. I plan on listing some finished ones that I cover, like this one…a mere 1 1/2 inch tall. A cent for comparison. Cute eh? If you want to make some consider the shape as you won’t be able to cure the actual USB or you may ruin the delicate technology within.


This truly is a MINI Tutorial in regards to both size of finished product and steps involved. My paid tutorials go into much greater step by step description and photography meant for any level of ability. My minis are meant for those who can look at something and know how to get there without the steps in between.

DSC01429 DSC01438
From this… …to this and a regular USB stick for comparison.
DSC01443 DSC01447
Create a slab cut to same size as the mini USB and cure. This will be your USB template. Here you can also see the larger USB without its cap, to show how deep the USB part is that gets inserted into a laptop or computer. Score your blank for appropriate depth. Then use Armorall, Kato Repel Gel or Vaseline to coat your clay blank surface.

Cover top half of template to the score line with a clay sheet and cure both pieces together. When cool, the wrapped clay should simply slide off the template. Before removing (or mount back on) Use a cutting tool to score some shallow lines into the template.  The carved ‘inny’ lines on template will translate to little ‘outy’ lines to the cap and will grip the USB stick so the cap doesn’t just fall off.

DSC01445 DSC01448
Repeat last step,  for the cap, by using Armourall or Kato Repel etc…and then cure. Let cool and test fit on USB. Then decorate both pieces by adding more clay. Here is one of my examples. Glue the top part to the USB, but don’t glue the cap!


Going to hang this one on a pretty cord of sorts. I have a whole bunch more stuff to show you soon. Jewelry in the works and another Tutorial to publish tomorrow!!!

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