Apr 21, 2011

Just for fun Polymer Clay

Flower amd Whaletail Pendant Necklaces
These flowers are handsculpted by me from the newest colours of polymer clay, both pearlescents (mica based) and opaques. I mix many of my own shades of colours or partially mix complimentary colours together.

Whaletail Necklaces with semiprecious stones

These colours make me think of Spring!

Apr 10, 2011

Polymer clay and pearls

It is so very nice to have one of my more substantial pieces 'Chrysocolla and Pearl Necklace'  included in a Collection on ArtFire. This one is all about

Contemporary Pearl and Silver Jewelry

Polymer clay, stones and pearls can be fired together. Today while visiting the local Gallery, someone had just commented that my Jewelry reminded them of something out of 'Lord of the Rings'. I'm flattered and yes, some of my work does get influenced by certain movies, legends, mythical as well as the historic and mysterious...

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