Aug 13, 2010

August is a busy month for Polymer clay and upcoming Giveaway!

Well, it is almost mid-month and between Anniversaries, Birthdays I haven't had much time to blog. I wanted to give you something, to celebrate my birthday. Hey, wait a minute, isn't it me that's supposed to get the presents? lol. Well, as an August Leo one of my traits is supposed to be generosity, so I better live up to it.

What to give away...Tutorials, beads and pendants, jewelry or maybe all three?
While I think about what the prize/s will be...I need your help...
send me your ideas on how to make the giveaway an interesting one that will help promote my idea gets 2 extra entries, all other ideas get 1 extra entry. Just leave a comment...

And while I think of it, the busy bee has been at it. I have a new tutorial that I just listed.
Honeycomb texture colour technique

Aug 4, 2010

Laser Printers at Staples - Polymer Clay Transfers

For the polymer clay transfer enthusiast there is great news, your very own toner based colour printer for only $169 and Staples has a $20 coupon on right now as well. If you're struggling to find places to make those copies for you, this is an affordable replacement for an inkjet as well.
The only drawback would be replacement cartridges, while not cheap, they last a long time.

Brother HL-3040CN Digital Colour Printer | STAPLES

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