Apr 18, 2008

Polymer clay and wire

Since having my tutorial published in this months PolymerCAFE, I have not gotten queries about my project, but about my wire items in the Gallery....(click on the image to take you to the table of contents (pdf. format) that shows the bracelets I'm talking about)

Well....here they are too. The reason I sent them to the Gallery wasn't for the wire, but for the imitative or Faux beach pebbles. A lot of people swear up and down that they are real, until I tell them that I made them. And then they still protest, until they agree that they are too light for the real thing. I'm waiting to hear back from Step by Step wire to see if they are interested in publishing my tutorial that I'm working on. I have never seen anyone do wire macrame before. I also do this for necklaces and earrings. It came naturally since my husband makes gorgeous macrame hemp jewelry with, I swear, the most perfect kind of knots....so even and smooth. I've already been doing 'viking knit and braiding' and wire crochet too, so I had to try macrame. I started making these a couple of years ago and instead of just the single row have started to make two row ones as well. The Editor of Step by Step is away for a few days, so I'll have to see what she says when she comes back. If not accepted...well, there is always Etsy. I sell a few tutorials there, including polymer clay projects and beadwork and will be adding more in near future, so why not Wire. Wanna know how to do this?...or the rocks?...??
Back to work....see ya!
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