Jul 15, 2011

The Racoon ate my Homework…

…or maybe he stole it, not sure which. Do Racoons like shiny things??
I know racoons look cute and here is an adorable photo. Looks like he either is saying “I do, I do” to the question of “Who wants a piece of sausage” or… he’s just waving at you. Little Rascal.
Racoons are curious creatures. Last week I was sitting in my studio, close to the door which I had open about two feet to allow in more light. I’ve been having this reoccurring dream of a black bear sauntering slowly past and this certainly is a worry out here as we’ve had our share of run-ins with them. If I really had to I’d climb up into the loft and throw things at him…ok…ok…I digress.
Racoons are more daring, so much so that they aren’t really afraid to explore the insides of our living spaces. So, I was sitting near the door when a racoon sauntered by in what looked like slow motion and just as he was by the door where I was sitting very still and motionless, I  thought I’d surprise him as he still didn’t see me, even as he peeked inside the door. I guess their eyesight isn’t too good. Then I piped up “Hey You!” and he gave me the funniest, obvious look of “Oh crap! I’ve been caught!” and hightailed it which isn’t very fast…toward the bushes beside my shop.
Well…he got back at me yesterday. While I went in the house to get myself a cup of tea, my husband heard noises out back and asked if I was watching a show or something. “no…?'” Didn’t take long to discover that a couple of minutes did the damage. Rascal paw prints on my desk…the waste basket stuff strewn all over the place. A broken work tile, nibbled packages of polymer clay, jewellery bins tossed open (I guess they are very adept at opening lids!). So I put everything back together and get back to work and realize I have some stuff missing!! I can’t find my Rhinestone spacers and I had them right ‘there’.
Anyway…this is a collar I’m working on since the last one (photo below) sold to someone in the US. The Gallery asked me for 2 more, but of course they take weeks to make and this being the busy season, I won’t be able to ‘pop’ those out, lol. Now I have to think about what to use instead of the rhinestones…but I’m so glad he didn’t decide to eat my necklace or take the whole thing!
Abalone collarBhudda

Jul 6, 2011

Something new...

Well, new for 'me' anyway.
I'm now officially an Instructor on CraftEdu. If you're not familiar with the site, it offers an array of classes, not only polymer clay but for all kinds of other media as well.
My class is up for a 2-day Bazinga!

Textured Flower and Wire Pendants - by Tina Holden

Here is the URL to take you to the Preview (and Class, if you choose) http://bit.ly/r1ROf3

Create a textured Polymer Clay Flower Pendant using Tina's Origami colour gradient blend and a Wire Basket Weaving technique to assemble the petals. Watch her free preview at link below. Tina is an adept teacher and has several unique ways with polymer clay and wire work. Enjoy this fun class at BAZINGA price  19$   for two days ....   class will return to regular price of 28$ on Friday 7/8/11  at noon mountain time. Buy at a savings and watch when convenient.

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