Dec 30, 2007

Wire Inspirations for the New Year!

A few wire things I have done in the past. Couldn't find a bigger picture of the Gold Viking braid I made in 1994 (below). I made this one with a variation by braiding in Carnelian and Pearls. The second picture I used Sterling Silver Wire and semiprecious stones and for the star I used Sterling silver and Labradorite.

Just a couple more days and we'll ring in another "Yar". Right now the decor of Christmas Lights, Trees, Ornaments, Poinsettias and other Decor is keeping me away from getting to my crafting supplies. Only a bead addict can understand how badly I want to pack away the Holidays and get started again! lol
I have a few projects waiting to be finished, including a Herringbone stitch necklace rope. I've made a few of these, but finding interesting ways to end them has always been a challenge. I made some from polymer clay which look alright when the pendant is also polymer clay, but when the pendant is beadembroidery or wire, then those endings should also match these focal points in some way. For wire pendants I wanted some metal endings and yesterday I found my muse by stumbling upon this cool website by Iza Malczyk, a polish wire artist. (My parents are both polish born, but thats another story). She has a tutorial for the end cap in the Summer 2007 issue of the Step by Step Wire Jewelry Magazine. The tutorial is also available on her Etsy site. I think this will be the perfect ending for some of my projects (pun not intended).

Like Iza, I've learned a few things from the renouned Eni Oken
Eni has some great tutorials on her site. They are quite reasonably priced considering the many pictures and pages that go with each tutorial. Some are even free!

Dec 27, 2007

what a fun swap!

This was a SWAP! hosted by the Canadian Beaders swap in Yahoo Groups. The theme was the 31 days of Christmas and involved handcrafted and purchased things. Polymer clay and Beadwork was a big inclusion. The participants were given a partner for whom to create a box full of Christmas related things. Each day involved a project, one day would be a handmade card, the next an ornament in a specific theme such as a candycane or snowflake, an ATC, a snowman.... I received many polymer clay ornaments, ribbons, beads, chocolate, scrapbooking materials. I'd say my partner outdid herself and I feel spoiled! Thanks Heather!

Dec 5, 2007

What are YOU up to.....

Haven't posted for a while because, if you saw my previous post, I was up to my ears in 'training' my new Vista. Finally got it settled some, but still working out a few kinks.
Then there was the 'dusting' and clean-up and bringing out the Christmas Decor.....yeeha!...argggh...first I needed to put up the shrink plastic window insulating stuff on two windows today. Looking forward to a colder winter and trying to conserve energy...then vacuuming behind the furniture and DUSTing everywhere, mopping the floors, vaccuuming the ceilings and corners. Then went shopping, driving 6+hours and I'm pooped, but still need to pack all the groceries away, the family sized meat packages into individual baggies and organize the cupboard with the fully stocked items. Finally, at 10 pm, plop on the couch....and at least one of the daughters decorated a little....oooohhhh how NICE!

What about my other creative outlets!?
Ok...I have to admit, I haven't been claying much. Not at all! Shame on me!
The excuse is a valid one. My work space is limited to one teeny desk right now, especially with Christmas around the corner. VERY LIMITED, almost tearfully so. When I don't have the room, I just can't get anything done! I need a large amount of visual stuff and having things in drawers....ahem, that doesn't work. When I clay, I need my foils, stamps, cutters, tools, papers, crystals, textures, inks.....I have to figure out SOMETHING!! because " Out of sight is out of mind!" That doesn't work. I need visual cues. I need some help! How can I be an artist when everything is packed AWAY.....

There is a small show on Saturday and tomorrow I will have to do a mock-setup, just so I don't have to fuss with it too much when the time comes.....
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