Jun 27, 2012

6th Bead Soup Block Party


Life is busy, especially this time of year, but I didn’t hesitate to join Lori Anderson´s Bead Soup Block Party! Yay!! I participated in the exciting Pantone 2012 Bead Swap which didn’t involve a Blog hop, but this one does. Remember the OWOH blog hop? This is my first time participating in this Party and there are 400 participants. Wowsa! eh? You can visit all the participants and their blogs here.

This is a huge Party, so there are 3 reveal dates. I’m in the 2nd one which is August 11th when we are to show what we have created with the bead soup mix we are sent. The way it works is participants get partnered up by Lori and we send each other a fancy clasp, a focal bead/pendant and some coordinating beads. My partner is Stefanie Teufel from Germany. Hop on over to Stefanie’s blog and see what she is up to!

Jun 26, 2012

Texture and micro urchins

I love the bumpy texture and patterns of sea urchins. I’ve been creating molds, beads and cabochons using urchins for some time and was able to create some pretty small ones, but nothing like these. My daughter found these while snorkelling. Aren’t they adorable?? One of them is smaller than a penny!


I didn’t use the smallest one to make a mold as they are extremely fragile. I strengthened the slightly larger ones before using them. I then created these pendants. I’ll be creating more of these pendants as well as beads and cabochons to list in my shops. Aren’t they cute? I love the bumpy texture.


About texture, I also created this one with my Hibiscus silkscreen


…and the ‘New Crackle’. Hard to imagine, but both the pink and the blue lines are polymer clay…I wasn’t too sure initially  but do like the contrast of pink, purple and blue.


Jun 15, 2012

Matchbox Amulets

I was asked last summer at the Retreat here if I would write a tutorial for my Amulets and was going to teach how to make these at an upcoming Mini- Retreat which unfortunately isn’t going to take place now.

I started these tutorials some time back and have to say they have been the most difficult for me to write. Those that have purchased my tutorials in the past know that I’m a very visual teacher. I don’t just show a photo without words, nor offer words without sufficient photos. These tutorials are packed with both. Perhaps some will feel that wearable purses are out of style...never! Plus with these you have the option of making them pocket style. Who says they need a cord!

click on the photos to take you to the links for more info on each one…If you decide to purchase the combo, it’s $18 for both tutorials.
 Of course here is part 1 and ready made boxes if you don't feel like making your own. I've pre made some in various colors (and other sizes if you like). The prefab box has been cut, scored (pre-folded) and all that you need to do is glue them.

I hope you join me in creating some Amulets!

Jun 10, 2012

Nemo’s Garden

A local Gallery asked me to create a few more higher end pieces and of course bead embroidery is one of those things. Polymer Clay accents are an important aspect as I can create my own unique focal pieces for that instead of adding only generic type of stones.

This bracelet cuff dubbed Nemo’s Garden was initially planned to include a few curled waves for the bracelet shape, but the sketched out design didn’t work for me. The other thing I wasn’t too sure of were the colours because I tend to work in dark shades of bronze, hematite, black, oil slick and silver. In general though I’m quite pleased how it turned out including the gentle wave shape. I used polymer clay urchin cabochons, mother of pearl discs, pearls and locally found beach glass. The piece was beaded on perlon fusible webbing, then stitched onto Ultrasuede with an inner aluminum bracelet blank.


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