Sep 30, 2007

I guess its Angels!

I've been looking at my angel cards and they have often held a clue for some inspiration. The card I drew is "Practice makes perfect". How true is that! The leaves and triangles matched, so I made some Angels.

Sep 28, 2007

A few more cabs....

A few more cabs, not taxis, but Polymer clay cabachons that is. Donuts too. It was a dreary day to take pics, very dark in the house and not much natural light to be found, but these have so much depth to them. I used a mokume gane with pinata inks and foils, probably my favorite technique.

Sep 26, 2007

Clink!...some more leaves for Fall

A couple of wine glasses I covered with some yummy green Polymer Clay. The one on the left has some mokume gane slices added, the background colour has inclusions. The other glass has inclusions and a few geometrics. Both glasses have Polymer Clay maple leafs ;)

Bookmarks with Pebbles

Since hosting a Polymer Clay PEBLS (Polymerclay Evolved Beach Like Stones) swap with 2 Groups simultaneously and seeing my friend Gera hard at work creating beachpebbles galore, I felt it was high tide, err, time to make more Pebls also. I've been making bookmarks such as these, but also use them on driftwood mobiles.

Sep 22, 2007

Another Leaf turned...officially FALL

Driving to the next town about 180 clips away is sure an inspiration to create something with leaves. So here is my newest Fall necklace. Copper, variegated and gold leaf in a jade translucent polymer clay that has pinata ink worked in it also. The necklace itself is crocheted and 4 strand braided with recycled glass, semiprecious smoky quartz and other beads. Had this at the market today and it received a lot of oo-ahs. I'm very pleased with this. Too bad my camera doesn't pick up the shifting colours and light which reminds me of ammolite.

Sep 14, 2007

Teenier Mermaids

Ok...theses are even smaller than the last. The one on the right is just over 1 1/2inches and the one on the left....well you can see by the Quarter, and her face looks a little too old for her size, lol. The bead holes run horizontally. Made a pilot hole initially and drilled larger after baking. Bill asked if I could make them smaller yet!!! Now there is a CHALLENGE! I'm not a doll maker either, so faces aren't my strength.

Landscape Polymer clay Cabochon

Well, here it is...finished. One of the cabochons from a few days earlier (Scroll down to see two of them). Not too happy with the picture, but too be expected with scans. The problem with scanners is that once you put the lid never know how the fringe or various beads will lie, they usually move. Maybe I should try a box instead of the lid next time (now there's an idea!) My camera can't hold a charge anymore....mental note to add a battery to shopping list.

The clasp is made from endcaps that I covered with faux bone polymer clay and inlayed with abalone shell fragments that are then glued into place with cyanoacrylate. The endcaps I glued onto the 5 mm thick leather cord with E6000. Love that leather cord!! A few years ago I ordered it by mistake, but I'm sure glad to have it now because it makes awesome neckcords that are able to hold their shape a bit.

Sep 12, 2007

Watercolour Polymer Clay Boxes

These boxes are made from watercolour paper, then trimmed with Polymer Clay and/or beaded. The images on the inside are either my own miniature paintings that are transferred onto clay, or I use other images or interesting little charms and crystals. The boxes measure between 1 1/2 " tall to 4" and I'm in the process of trying larger "Dreambox" types.

Landscape Polymer Clay Cabochons

Had fun making these today. Painted onto pearlescent polymer clay with pinata inks and then glazed with Kato Liquid Polyclay. These will get a beaded bezel and either made into pins or necklaces.

Mermaid Bead

Bill asked me to make a Mermaid bead. He said I used to make the cutest little mermaids, but guess what!...I don't even remember!! Well, I made this one today. She stands 2 1/2 tall and apparently she is about twice the size than she should be. She only took me 10 minutes, but making one smaller shall prove to be a challenge.
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