Dec 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Polymerclay People!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! How time flies! I've been busy filling my newest shop on ArtFire with beads, pendants and handmade supplies, but I am so slow in taking photos, resizing them, doing the listings etc.
Tina Holden Design
And tonight I was bored, so much so that my muse decided I should hold a little sale while I'm at it. I haven't had one in a very long time and wasn't going to do one, so why now? Maybe it's a Thank you! and because I need to write some new and fresh things. So, am giving everyone 20% off all my stuff like Tutorials, molds etc. until the end of the year. Not exactly creative, eh? lol oh well, told you I was bored...Click on the links to visit both my shops...
Merry Christmas everyone!!

Dec 17, 2010

No piercing Ear Ornament

A while back I hinted on Earrings for those with no piercings. I've been wanting to wear dangly earrings, but can't stand clip-ons as no matter how gentle they are supposed to be on the lobes, they hurt! I've tried small clip ons, large clip ons, screw ons and even the lightest weight would tug and cause me to take them off within the hour. Then I was inspired when I watched Angelina Jolie in the movie 'Alexander the Great'. The earrings she wore weren't pierced nor clip on...but over the ear hooks, much like ornaments! Hey...presto!

My test version with one of my Batik polymer clay pendants. The hook really isn't visible when hair is worn normally. I've tucked it behind my ears so you can see how it hangs. My next version will add some fancier wire work...

Dec 8, 2010

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...

...I made you out of wire!
I could have used a small tree to display some polymer clay ornaments, but one can only see them from one side and on a limited size display table, a tree would take up quite a bit of space. I was looking for something simple and my friend sent me this link for Julie Keehners necklace display stand. Julie had used 16 ga wire. I used 14 ga rebar wire, but don't think it is much stronger. Still, for light-weight objects this is not a problem. I formed my wires in a sort of 'seaweed' fashion much like I have made for some of my ornamental boxes  and this in turn inspired me for a future idea of a display stand. Not much time this week as I'll be participating in our annual Winter celebration, so this stand will have to suffice.
Here is a close up of the candy cane

and if you want to make stars, bells or trees...I have Tutorial for Christmas Ornaments with Glass Bauble windows.
Christmas Star Ornament Tutorial

And about studio mess...there is no argument that it desperately needs tidying up. The top shelf in as much disarray and so is the rest of the room. I had a look at Vanessa's desk and it looks quite organized to me :) and looks much like my cleaned up version. I'm going to spend part of today tidying up my mess so I can create a new one, lol.

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