Sep 1, 2008

Some Imitative Leather Coasters and more Storage

Gee, were you lucky to see my 'tidier' version of my studio yesterday. I put away my beading to get my clay back out for Fall. Fall has come early! lol Decided to make some imitative Leather and turn them into Coasters. Not sure yet, how these will stand up to use, but hubby is gladly going to 'test' them since he is the coaster expert in our house, lol. He's picky about Coasters because he dislikes any that stick to the glass and drinks tend to form a lot of moisture on the outside which either makes coasters stick to the glass when picked up or the glass slides around on top of the coaster. Well, the surface of them is 'etched' with texture, so hopefully this will prevent the clinging or the sliding. I'll let you know ;)
About storage. Here are a few more of my tins, including one I show open here. Its a nice big one (16 1/2" x 12" x 7") that holds my chalks, acrylic tubes and pinata inks. I've collected these Nurnberger Lebkuchen tins for the last 15 years. My dad used to send them, but shipping from Germany for one of these, I might as well buy 2 of them here. They are filled with the famous Nuremberger Gingerbread Cookies that were first created back in the 15th century. We now order one for Christmas from Coombs Country Market. Arthur Urie (general manager) will order a few this year. One of them has our name on it ;) They used to retail for about $150 plus tax and don't know what they will be this year, but you can email and ask. For me they have an artful but useful collection.

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Sandy said...

Tina, thanks for posting your studio - I'm so impressed with your organization.

I wish I were as tidy.


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