Aug 30, 2008

Studio Space

Well, our national and island polymer clay group is talking about 'studio space' and how we organize our tools and such. Here is a glimpse of my space and how I store some stuff.

This is my desk and extra worktable (plus I use another big one when I need it). The desk tray (whitish are in picture) used to be for a typewriter and pulls out into a neat worksurface....very handy! I've got a nice front drawer and 6 other drawers. The top drawer holds my very important long ruler, pens, inkpads, stamps. I pull out the drawer and my measuring tool is right there. Drawer #1 I use for all my wire work, anvil, hammer, wire, polishing cloth etc. Drawer #2 I use for all my bead embellishments like rivoli stones, crystal etc,. Drawer #3 and 4 for extra paints, armorall, babywipes, gloves, things to be covered. Drawer #5 for leather and fabric swaps Drawer #6 for paper goods, transfers, silkscreens.
This is how I store my most frequently used tools. Put a couple of tins inside a longer one which I use to hang all my pliers and hole punches. Timer is magnetic and ready to use.

This is how I store my cords, on the inside door of a closet beside my desk. Other cord I store in bins:

This is how I store my beads and supplies, most on hand and visible as outa sight is outa my mind. The extra drawers hold refills of beads, seedbeads, plastic baggies, lots of findings, more trays holding pendants etc. Above the beadtrays is a shelf with seedbead vials. Part of the wall holds all the gemstone beads.

This is where I store swap items, note books, clay textures, stamps, ephemera. I have tins like this all over the room and two others that store etsy stuff, packing materials, clay blocks. Also got a small rack to hold delica seed beads for easy access:
This is how I keep my most often used powders, paints and embossing powders, a little cupboard on my desk. Was a great find some years back at Costco, was filled with Essential oils and bath stuff:


Vanessa said...

Hi Tina

Thanks for sharing pictures of your studio/home. I am going to have to pay more attention next time I visit. I know I haven't noticed all the different ways you store things before.

Anonymous said...

wow, your studio is so dang organized. I now have ideas on how to store my stuff instead of willy nilly.

Beadcomber said...

Will post a few more pics tomorrow. I guess I just got tired of using just card board or plastic boxes. my love for tins just came in really handy.

Anonymous said...


I would like to add you to my rss-feeder, but for some reason the provided atom link does not work.

Beadcomber said...

Please use the subscription feed on my left by typing in your email. I use feedburner. The Atom at the very bottom of my page does not work.

Beadcomber said...

Actually, I fixed it, you can subscribe through Atom at the bottom of the page now too.

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