Sep 5, 2008

PhotoEZ Pendants and Pins

Polymer Clay Pendants, Pins and Earrings:

After developing your PhotoEz into patterns you like, you can use them the traditional way by using fine acrylic paint and using a squeegee to silkscreen the paint onto your clay sheet. I've discovered I can use PhotoEZ in a completely different manner. I'm sorry I was way too busy to write up the tutorial because I had way too much fun making these!

Front of pendantBack of pendant


June (planetjune) said...

Lovely work, Tina! I love the subtle colours you have achieved. Where do you buy PhotoEZ (I'm in Canada too)?

Beadcomber said...

I'm not sure who sells it in Canada. I got mine through the manufacturer (see link for Photoez) in the Tutorial for "making PhotoEz clip art templates")

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