Sep 17, 2008

Excited to add something to my claying....

Just received the JustRite Homestamping Kit. Can tell you how excited I am to try and make my own stamps and textures for use with Polymer Clay. It's a bit pricey at $149.95, but Stampingcottage has it on sale for $89.99, $10 less than the JustRite Home website.

I purchased extra packets as I plan on making a few designs and apparently you can make your own embossing dies with this also.
The kit contains all the necessary tools and all you need to provide is the creativity, hot water, detergent and a 60W light bulb.
Contents: imagepac artwork modifying DVD, Instruction and demonstration files, 2 x A6 imagepac sachets, 4 x A7 imagepac sachets, 4 x A8 imagepac sachets, 4 x A4 sheets imageblack inkjet film, Acrylic magnetic clamp, Electronic timer, Tray for hardening stamp, Brush, Knife, Bottle of stamp hardening salts, Pair of gloves, Ink pad, Acrylic mount, A6 piece of test artwork.
Here is a basic video how they are made. Part One and Part Two. The kit actually provides more tools *such as the tray, detack salt and brush) than the cardboard kit she is using here. But the idea is the same. JustRite has an excellent video also and you can view it here.

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