Sep 27, 2008

Large Polymer Clay Cuffs and Boxes - Fall Colours

Large cuffs are in fashion and models are wearing stacks of them. This 2 1/4 inch wide polymer clay cuff has a crackled surface with strips of varying colours, ranging from magenta, burgundy and gold to a green turquoise. Abalone chips are arranged on the surface in polymer clay bezels. The inside of the cuff is doubled aluminum flashing with a pre-baked polymer clay base for added strength. My camera isn't wanting to cooperate on macro too well these days, or so I wasn't on macro because someone else in the family had used the camera without my knowing. This meant a lot of pictures needed retaking.

Also am working on some covered tins and boxes. This starfish box has the same crackle concept as the bracelet and is flocked on the inside. Messy stuff to use, but gives the box a more finished appearance I think.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your cuff is spectacular!

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