Aug 31, 2012

Window Ornament Swap

This was our first International Polymer Clay Swap on Facebook. I was excited that 20 Artisans decided to participate, from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, and the USA.
I thought Window Ornaments would be fun and a bit of a challenge and it was! I think we’re more used to creating Wall or Tree Ornaments, but challenges can be good for the creative mind and the results were pretty amazing!
I paired up people randomly as best as I could as most were willing to ship internationally. My partner was Kimberly Idalski. Kimberly is a multi talented jewelry designer. You can see her post about this swap here.
She did a lot of research about the Province where I live. British Columbia’s provincial flower is the Dogwood and the bird is the Stellar Jay, a cocky Bird that loves to hang out at Beach Parks and wait for the bread crumbs to fall. Actually feeding these birds in Provincial and National Parks is prohibited, but this doesn’t stop them from coming to your backyard!
1-stellar jay
I love these birds and I think Kim did a pretty fine job representing them. Beautiful, isn’t it! I’ve got it hanging in my studio against a back drop of Cedar which happens to be my view from my little window.
Look at the fine detail! Kimberly double sided the flowers so when they turn on the chain, front and back look the same and the encapsulated crystals can sparkle.
3-DSC00315 (1)
Love it! Thanks so much Kimberly.
I sent Kimberly something she likes which are Butterflies. As I mentioned…go visit her blog if you want to see what I made for her.
Here are some of the other participants’ blogs…

Alenka Obid
Kimberly Idalski
Vanessa Betcher
Leila Bidler
Anne Roncalli
Nadia Gennari
Manon van Kempen:
Ilenia Moreni:


Kimisjewelryandgifts said...

Wow it looks so beautiful outside. I wish we had better weather so I could take photos outside. I loved the blogged and Im so honored that I was able to be your partner. Your Butterfly window ornamed is So gorgeous. Everyone that comes over wants it. :). I just give them your link. Cant wait to see what everyone else made. Excited about the next swap. Thanks again Tina for the amazing butterfly window ornament and for all your help and generosity. Hugs and much success to you. Kim

Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

Tina, that is an incredible little ornament Kim made for you! I can almost imagine them chatting away. Your butterfly ornament is so beautiful, I am sure you will get a lot of requests for tutes!

Manon said...

Wow, I love the ornament! Great work Kim! Love to read all the blog posts! Thank you for organising this Tina.

Leila Bidler said...

thanks for this great swap, it was fun and I love the ornament my partner Deb made me :)
I'll soon join another swap for sure!
xo from Italy

Donna Ingram said...

Tina, Thank you so much for hosting this swap. I really loved both your and Kimberly's Ornaments.

Donna Ingram

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