Aug 9, 2012

Summer Bracelet Fun

I’ve been making and selling a few bangles and none received more compliments than the one I chose to keep for myself. So I’ve decided to share it, in the form of my latest tutorial.

This tutorial is fold as in 2 parts. First I show how to create the crackles and craze with the full tutorial of "New Crackle", then second, how to create round and flat round elasticized bangle bracelets. The tutorial will shows a modification of the crackle. Nothing gets wasted when you use the crackled veneer for other projects and then use the left over bits to create these types of bracelets.

The Bangles are unique in that the 2 halves interconnect with elastic. You can also create these bracelets with other veneers such as Mokume gane, milifiori canes or my Batik technique which I think is a lot of fun.

This 15 page tutorial has more than 40 photos as guidance with the detailed step by step.

I’ve listed it in my Etsy, ArtFire and Zibbet, so one can choose their preferred Market place. There is a bit of a bonus with a percentage discount on ArtFire (Comment and Patrons). The other markets don’t offer this yet.

Ok, but what about if you already have the ‘New Crackle” Tutorial? Well, you could just create your own bangles I suppose, lol. I was thinking of offering just the bracelet as a project part, so one can use their own technique along with it and just learn my tips and method, but it gets to be a bit confusing when listing. This was the case with my Batik Flower tutorial, where I offered a tutorial with the technique and the project and then the project alone. I sold very few of the project alone that I stopped offering it.

I could use some opinions on this…


wlbillings said...

For new listing - maybe you could offer it as "set a" is tutorial only for $10.00 and "set B" is tutorial plus project for $13.00.
Maybe send out an email to those who already bought the tutorial that they can paypal you the $3.00 for the project if they are interested.
(numbers are just for example purposes)
If I bought a tutorial I would be ok if that person emailed me and said hey, just made this project using said technique are you interested?
Hope this is of some use.


Kimisjewelryandgifts said...

I can't wait to get this next month to try. I love this look. So many fun possibilities. Your tutorials are so easy to follow. I love them and your designs are amazing. How about a butterfly resin tutorial like the new beauty's in zibbet. Wow they are gorgeous! !!!

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