Sep 5, 2012

Hopping into Fall

In the blink of an eye, where o’ where did Summer go... Leaves already falling and spiders busy creating their webs. I was busy (and still am) which is a good thing these days, yet I’m still finding time to create a few slightly lavish pieces, such as this bead collar.
Tina Collar My drop pendants are made with my “New Crackle” technique. All my pendants have daisy bails, it has become a sort of signature for me. As a change-up I have added Peridot sparkly resin drops to the daisies centers.
Tina Collar Detail
I knotted a cord with Japanese Kumihimo, I then embellished it with Japanese triangle beads and Czech glass.  The little heishi flower beads on the Cord are Polymer Clay, inset with Swarovski crystals,and are alternated with pewter heishi flowers.
Tina Collar Detail 2
The cord ends are also done with polymer clay. I created the “Bead Cord ends with Personality”  tutorial especially with these thicker types of cording in mind. They are so popular now, but I would rather add ends that coordinate or match the piece better. One could create them in all sorts of styles and colors to blend in with the rest of the work.
In other news, I’m participating in another Blog Hop called “My Bead Table” which Lisa Lodge of Pine Ridge Treasures created. She sent 30 participants a bead kit consisting of beads and miscellaneous items, from her bead/work table. She carefully selected ‘equal’ amounts/value of beads in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Kits were randomly assigned, so we had no idea of whom received what kit. The actual Hop will take place Saturday, October 13th. The objective is to use as many of the beads and may include beads I will currently have on my bead table. Here is what I received…
It’s going to be a good challenge since I rarely work in those colors, but those red Lampwork beads are gorgeous and the red leaves have me thinking.
Here is what is currently on My Bead Table…including one of my orange starfish and resin pendants. I do have a lot more in my stash…
You’re probably are wondering what is on My Polymer Clay Table, lol. Not much, but here it is…
Told ‘ya! I had just cleaned it up after making some Buttons for a small order to a Knit shop. Soon enough it’ll all be… really… messy again! Not sure if you want to see that…

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Anonymous said...

That necklace is amazing! I love it! You did a wonderful job.

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