Mar 15, 2010

Polymer Clay Rings and Accessories

While the cuff bracelet is strictly bead embroidery, the ring is made from polymer clay, metal and a crystal rivoli cabochon. Finally finished, the set is going to the Gallery tomorrow morning to be shipped to Vancouver asap as the performance takes place March 20th, so I am told.

I'm told I will be sent a photo of the Star herself, but when is unclear and permission to post will be another matter. I always ask. If the answer is 'no', I can respect that. Nevertheless, I'm quite excited to be able to add this to my portfolio and as the 4th Star I've been able to adorn. A Singer-Songwriter, one actress and actor and now an Opera wonderful. What is missing...? lol

The bracelet is quite heavy, so finished it with adjustable chain and lobster clasps in back to prevent it from falling off should the performer flick her arm or hand. The base of the embroidery is a metal cuff armature over which is sewn ultrasuede. The criss-cross effect of the chain gives the cuff a corset laced look and the beads that dangle from the chain add extra movement with the hand.

Apparently I have gotten good reaction from the purchaser when the gallery sent the previous photo with a sample ring...I think she'll like this better matching one even more.


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Beadcomber said...

Thanks :) I hope the client will think so as well.

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