Mar 15, 2010

Polymer Clay metallic and resin pendants

Between finishing the bead embroidered cuff I managed to finish off a few metallic and resin pendants. I thought I'd make a few pendants to match the stud and clip on earrings I had a request for.
I have two 6 oz bottles of magic glos to use up and after all 50 pairs of studs and about 10 pendants I'm still good with about 1 1/4 bottles. Good thing because I need to make more! Will also list a few on Etsy and ArtFire in the next couple of days.

Since getting the bigger lamp, production is a little quicker, although all pendants still require the 2 layers of resin to prevent the resin from pulling away from itself along the edges. Am very pleased the way these ones turned out.


Anonymous said...

Those are gorgeous! You probably said in a previous post but I am soooo behind in reading - what kind of resin are you using? And what kind of lamp?

Beadcomber said...

I used Lisa Pavelka's magic glos for these and a 36 Watt UV lamp.

Anonymous said...

Awesome creations! Love them all!!!!

Cherie said...

They are just gorgeous! Love the patterns and the colors. Specially like theone with the metal starfish. is that a charm?

Beadcomber said...

Hi Cherie,
yes, the metal starfish are charms
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