Mar 17, 2010

Peacock Shimmer Polymer Clay - Cabochons

I am going to be making more cuff bracelets with bead embroidery and need some special and unique cabochons to set them off. Polymer Clay is the perfect material and allows me to make something that defines my work, emphasizes originality and at same time gives me a bit of a niche. The local gallery requested some simpler bead embroidered pendants and earrings that can be affordable by almost anyone, along with the more exquisite pieces for the clientèle that wants to make a statement with what they wear. I'll still be incorporating semi-precious stones and crystal, but adding polymer clay will also allow me to express my creativity in a broader way.
I've been back in my experimental mode and am delighted to have discovered a new technique. Well, perhaps it isn't new, but I haven't seen this before, so this is new to me. I wish the photo could convey the dimensional chatoyancy of the metallics that shift in the light with whatever angle the piece is held at. I think these will be called Peacock Shimmer...I already have some Lustrous Sunset in mind. is a sneak preview at a few.


Unknown said...

Beautiful, Tina. Love the colours!

Anonymous said...

OK - now you've got me curious. I'm assuming since you mentioned the chatoyancy that this is a version of mica shift? I love the color play in the pieces and look forward to seeing what you do with these.

Naama Zamir said...

I love your blog and awarded it with the sunshine blog award in my blog

Create With Joy said...

Hi Tina,

I can't find your e-mail so I am writing you here.

I have been a fan of your blog for quite some time now, so I am excited to have the opportunity to
bestow upon you a Beautiful Blogger Award!

Please visit me at Create With Joy for all of the details, and again, congratulations for creating
such a fabulous blog!

Ramona :-)

Beadcomber said...

Oh wow..thanks for the awards!! Will have to do something when I have a spare moment, lol.

Mila said...

I am newcommer to the english-language blogging, but I can not go through without good words about your new technick - this is very beautiful and gives many interesting possibilities!

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