Sep 2, 2010

Sunsets and Polymer Clay Parody

It's still Thursday and am having a good ol' time trying to think up names for my newest polymer clay creations.

I haven't been too successful, either the names sound fruity or nutty. Mango and Grapes for Oranges and Purples...there is the fruit again. How about "Out of my mind", since I designed those things,  but in the end everything seems to sound like a book title to me. Have to have some fun, right? lol
My husband says "So what! why does everything have to have a name?! Can't you just sell it?" I suppose he's right, but if someone asked me..."Remember that orangey bracelet with those tiles and the swirl on top? or the purple shiney tile bracelet with those gold veins and tigereye imbedded?" Long names, yikes. I need reminders. I suppose I could assign them numbers! That's all one does for consignment sales. So how about 2025...sounds like a vintage year for a wine, lol. That's the Parody for today. So here is what I've been up to.

Saffron Sunset Pendants, some with true American Turquoise

Cherokee Purple Bracelet with Tigereye
and maybe this one...Golden Veridian (Green Blue) with Turquoise
Well, it's not the name that counts, only what it looks like, right? I'm pretty happy the way these turned out...All that is left to do is figure out how to string the pendants and earrings.
In other news, surprise surprise, I'm working on another tutorial...or two...but in the meantime I've also been creating some more molds which I'll be listing in ArtFire. I've also created faux ivory tiles/pendants that I've begun to list in my Etsy shop...Have a look on the right side are a few that will be going up...


Wes said...

Don't tempt me! I've studied Latin and Greek!

I think that it's worthwhile to re-use good names through numbers: ie:// Tekno 004, Tekno 05, Tekno 6.2

People grasp better what 'groove' the image from you belongs in, and helps with the inevitable Hard Drive Searches!!

Amazing, Tina. Sorry I was late catching on to you.

Beadcomber said...

LOL Wes...hey, the Tekno and you sold me on that. I will be naming one of my lines after this, watch me, lol.

Christine Ritchey said...

Hi Tina,
I've been lurking and admiring and drooling all over your Artfire, Etsy and blog! *-) Regarding "Out of My Mind," it occured to me that the phrase is sort of a double entendre. Meaning 1)crazy 2)these designs come from your imagination or out of your mind. So the name could be a really good idea! I'm just sayin'. I LOVE your work! You're amazingly creative! Can't wait to see what you do next!

2 Good Claymates said...

Love the beautiful bright colors of these pieces Tina! Mind you I just love color! Bring it on! My hubby is the opposite -- he's the one that usually comes up with wild names -- sometimes they are a little too wild and so I don't go with them! ha!

By the way, is that your new honeycomb method you used on the pieces? Very nice!

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