Sep 16, 2010

More Sunkissed Polymer Clay Designs

I'm thinking about the sun or lack thereof. My Polymer Clay Sunkissed Series requires UV and the two little lamps I have just don't cut it, but put the items out in the sun or as soon as you're ready to, the sun goes into hiding behind a temporary cloud. When using UV resin, even a 3 to 4 minute delay behind a cloud can make your resin stay sticky beyond repair depending on whether you can apply another layer. Anyway, I'm trying to do some resin batches every chance I get and keep watching the weather report. Wondering if I should take a whole bag full of ready pendants to Hawaii, lol.

Anyway, I heard that to prevent blog theft that I experienced for myself recently (a few posts back), I'm supposed to announce that I'm Tina and this is my blog, Polymer Clay Bytes! aka Beadcomber. Well, my followers know who I am, but a thief doesn't care and will just duplicate that post and put it elsewhere.
Anyway, about jewelry and polymer clay. I am enjoying making the Honeycomb Sunkissed pendants with Channels and cut outs...the channels are inspired by something Julie Picarello does with her famous mokume gane work. This is putting my own spin on things. If you want to learn my Honeycomb technique, go to my ArtFire's done in purple in the tutorial, but you can choose other colours. The Jupiter Pendants in the second photo are a spin ('xcuse the pun) on the spinning beads within pendants that I created around 2002 or 3...don't remember right now and would have to dig around in my other computer for the file. For the last photo, the earrings, I'm finally using some beautiful Turkish Turquoise chips that I purchased while in Germany in 1989 when my flirtation with Fimo began. 21 years time flies.


The Beading Gem said...

Your polymer clay work is awesome!!

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Did you voice your concerns to Artfire?

f you check Page 49 of the discussion at, the issue has been raised by others.

One artisan calculated it to be a small saving for anyone who opted in at $7. Perhaps Art Fire will clarify this soon.

Gera Scott Chandler said...

Hey Tina- you have to build a LEM! It's a home made big UV "oven"- it's cheap to make- under $40. Check mine out.


Brendy Vaughn said...

Beautiful work!

Unknown said...

Lovely Polymer Clay creations. So talented :)

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