Sep 23, 2010

Polymer Clay and repurposing for some old items

 Fall is here I have some Polymer Clay earrings to divide up to various shops and here is one pair. At first I wasn't too keen on the colours, but they kind of grew on me. I wish I had pierced ears. Can you imagine an earring lover not having pierced ears?

I still don't fancy clip ons as they hurt. And why don't I find the reassurance of others that piercing is painless. Does anyone remember when they had their ears pierced? I had mine done at age 2 when I didn't have a say and perhaps this caused my sensitivity to even 10 karat Gold. My right earlobe closed up as if it refused to have anything stuck through it. My left likes coated copper, but unless it becomes fashionable to wear one earring again.... I have a simple Hack coming up to solve this dilemma.

Hack seems to be a new word for the dictionary these days. The word usually conjures up having something wicked, having to do with the nasty reconfiguration of a computer program, but in this case as per Urban dictionary:
"a clever solution to a tricky problem or to hack is to mod or change something in an extraordinary way." Simply
What did I hack... my jacket! Sounds strange, doesn't it.
It started when I looked at laptop sleeves on the net, most averaging at least $30. The one I fancied was $45 for my 15 inch Acer, never mind the shipping cost, another $10 bucks. It had a nice handle, but I wanted a clip on strap. Frugal as I am this had me thinking. Hindsight is, I should have taken photos of the process.
So, the original purpose was a jacket I had bought for $3, but it ended up sitting in my closet for more than a year...unused and now it's a jacket for my laptop which gets used all the time. The jacket was always a bit stiff and not as comfortable as it looked. Plus I didn't like the cuffs. The outer fleece is bonded to another layer of fleece, essentially reversible. Red on the outside, navy on the inside. I took one of the jacket pockets, angled it to be horizontal and stitched it on the outside. I can fit my USB stick in it, my ear buds, a CD and my battery charger/adapter. The flap is soft and tucks neatly inside the case. The strap is from another item I wear on my belt. I can detach it and slip the laptop into my backpack. I'm quite happy with my hack.


Linda said...

You are so clever Ms Tina!! I love your "hack" and think that your laptop 'jacket' is just dee-vine!! And I especially love your earrings . . . such a glorious shine to them. Makes my 'magpie eyes' just perk right up and say wow! Is that a resin cover you've put on them?

Beadcomber said...

Thanks Linda, yes, that's resin. I'm quite the magpie also, love shiney things.

Sonja said...

Woou, you're sewing too?? :) Love the color of your laptop sleeve :) You've really repurpused your jacket to something special.
Earings are nice, love this technique. I like to make earings to, but rarely wear them.

DVArtist said...

Hey Tina I love hacking in the creative sense. Your earrings are amazing! They resemble glass so much.
Hope you stop by to sign up for my giveaway.

Gardens Of Utopia said...

Very nice earings Tina! Love them.

Pat Sernyk said...

And sew, Tina, Would your new creation be called a HACKY SACK? Of course I couldn't resist the temptation for the pun. No offence intended, just playing on words.

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