Jul 19, 2010

Leaf Shapes and thoughts of Fall

I can't help but think of Fall.  Not only because of these leaf shapes from polymer clay, but also because of our temperatures here on the West Coast have been anything but summer-like. While temps may be warm in Vancouver, here on the Coast temps have felt quite Arctic, hovering around 11 Degrees Celsius or 53 Fahrenheit, well below the 20 Degree average (71 Fahrenheit). I actually lit the stove today as did several other neighbors. The sun is peaking out now and it's a bit warmer and temps are supposed to reach 18...but I just don't feel it. Most mornings and afternoons are foggy, also very early, as August is known as Fogust in these parts.

This weather has inspired me to create leaves and here are a few. I'm calling them..."Solar Leaf Pendants" because I cure them with UV rays, either lamp or sun. The background is a modified technique on my Batik and Shimmer.


Sonja said...

Great pendants, love your batic items :)

Anonymous said...

For those of us that have bought your Batik & Shimmer Tutorial, you think you can disclose to us what the "modified technique" is that you used? I love the effect.

Cherie said...

The leaves are beautiful. Love the colors.

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