May 31, 2009

Polymer Clay and Fishing Lure Spoons

Sandy from Simple Inspiration did it again. Polymer Clay and Fishing Lures. Got me digging out the trays of fishing lure spoons that I've been storing for years. Seems the April of PolymerCafe has a tutorial using them. Haven't seen it since I canceled my subscription about a year ago. Am certainly missing out on some eye candy!

Some of the lures have a bit of corrosion happening, but nothing that a bit of steel wool won't cure. Back in the early 90's taught my mom how to make Polymer Clay jewelry and she very much like the lures I had gotten from hubby who was a Sportfishing guide back then. Here is an old picture with a pair of danglies. Omg...that was 1990!! I think not only my jewelry cards have improved since then, lol. Am thankful a computer can print much neater...

I have 3 sizes available. I think I'll put some up on Etsy for anyone who wants to play with them. I have some gold oblong lures somewhere...need to find them.

Here are some samples of my moms work from about the same era. Vintage 1990! she even baked acrylic

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