Jun 1, 2009

Purple Polymer Clay Jewelry

Am in a mood for purple. These earrings and necklace are made from black Polymer Clay with Jones Tones foil and resin. I used some of the fishing lure spoons for the oval earrings and some other metal backs for the others.
I have put 3 sizes of the fishing lure bezels up on my Artfire.
I made these with the large size...
These are made with some other bezels I have. I may put a few of those up tomorrow.

This purple starfish is my favorite. Already sold 2 of these. These pictures don't do it justice because it has 3 dimensional depth that can't be shown with a 1 dimensional photo.


Unknown said...

I love the starfish design. It looks like he's sitting on a rock with swirls and bubbles of water around him. Gorgeous!

Liz said...

Love all the purple things! I bet they looking amazing when you can see the depth and intensity of the colour. Wonderful!


Azure Accessories said...

Purple has always been my favorite color...of course these are wonderful!!!


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