May 21, 2009

Polymer Clay Fun Pendants - revisited

 This post is already a year old, but shows how time flies. Resin and pendants, lol...Here is one thing I've learned...they are popular, but my newest will be a bit more colorful than these, or at least have more resin :)

May 21, 2009

Been having some fun creating some new Polymer Clay pendants for this Spring and Summer. Been enjoying starfish and sanddollars as usual, but also am having fun creating some flower pendants with resin and foils. I'm feeling very refreshed having been able to play and create something new instead of the constant production work...although, these will become a production also.
Hard to photograph the depth. It feels like I'm looking at them with one eye. If you want a closer look go to my flickr.
The amber golden flower pendant if my favorite as it has varying shades of bronzes and golds. The pendants measure an average of 2x2 inches, but I'm thinking of creating even larger ones. I've already sketched another design....
The orange pendant (on the lower right) I had a bit of difficulty with as I wasn't exactly a fan of orange, but now this pendant is growing on me and am thinking of creating some other bright shades for this season. The flowers were especially creating for a clothing boutique, but will take her the orange pendant to see if she fancies it. The center stone is cats eye, same with one of the blue flower pendants. Now I need some names for the resin flower series, for the starfish squares and the metal starfish and sanddollar blings. I'm terrible with names, all I can think of are 'discs', 'circles' and 'squares'. Names help when being asked "can we have more of the "blah blah blah?" Some people just have a knack for names, not me!


Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

These are all stunning!!! Have a great holiday weekend and stay safe!

InaRae said...

Wonderful Tina! I'm another beach comber and sea shapes and objects are my favorite subjects.
You do beautiful work.

PolymerClayTutor said...

I love the pendants Tina! I like the orange one. Orange and red is one of my favorite color combinations. So vibrant! The green one above it is fabulous too! Looks like you had fun creating them. ~Cindy Lietz

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