Jan 16, 2009

Anyone else fascinated with Mars?

I'm throwing in a post that has absolutely nothing to do with polymer clay, but not every day involves working on our favourite medium. I for one am fascinated with Mars, no matter how boring some of those pictures are.
Here are some interesting pictures! Those cameras from those little landers are still sending pictures back to Earth which in itself is amazing, considering no one counted on those rovers surviving this long.
Now...what would create those strange 'small craters...? And the long line, kind of looks like evidence of a riverbed...

The white patches on the top right corner...is that evidence of ice? Dry ice? And some kind of erosion below?

More of the dots, but these aren't craters, but raised and in kind of random pattern. What could produce such a thing?!

And now the weirdest thing of all. First we get the "Face of Mars". And now we find GIANT foot prints? This looks like a foot print doesn't it?!!

These pictures were taken from an altitude of....about a meter. well, ha ha ha....it was our local beach. lol. sorry, couldn't wait till April 1st.


Anonymous said...
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Vanessa said...

HI Tina....wow you were quck to post these wonderful pics! It was a great afternoon to travel to "Mars"


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha!! That was good.....sucked me in! Well until the foot print! Looking forward to April 1st! Kam

Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

LOL you are so funny!
I love it!

Amber Dawn

Anonymous said...

Hahaha You totally had me! Guess I'm more fascinated with Mars than I thought. Kept going from picture to picture, "Wow how cool is that! It sure does look like a footprint. Wonder what caused it? It doesn't make any sense!"

*snickers to herself... now agrees with husband that she is way too gullible... makes mental note to be on guard when in the presence of Tina.*

sylvie juliette said...

hello, I found your "antic jewels" so, so nice and as i'm doing something alike but different (in Spain) I dare to send you my link.
maybe you will have time to look at it.
Thank for your nice work, nice web and so faboulous views of mars...
sylvie juliette

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