Oct 28, 2008

Wired Polymer clay Boxes with a Surprise

Hope you can forgive me for not posting for almost 2 weeks! Here are some wired polymer clay boxes...or should I call them weird? I've been trying to achieve a more organic look with my clay and foregoing the use of any lacquer or varnish. I still work with sparkle and shine, but for this look it just doesn't work.

This busy box got a bit outa hand...

Some boxes are entirely made from Polymer Clay, others use a paper mache base.
Am still working with the sea theme of using starfish, urchins and scallops.

Got the idea of putting a surprise under the lid when I burnt one of them during my multiple baking phase. It was a mistake to move my rack to the lower shelf and not using aluminum foil as a shield! The initial reaction is a big "oh no!" , but as it happens I don't give up so easily and the mistake gave me the idea to add a starfish and make the rippled rock-like surface part of the design.
I will still post on those glass tiles, hopefully this coming week. Could kick myself for not taking pictures of the jewelry I made, but we were in a mad rush to get things done and deliver them to a gallery in Victoria.


MARRE said...

I love your boxes! This polymer clay looks so... not polymer clay but something much more natural... painted old wood or rusted metal or something like this. and the shapes are just adorable!

Anonymous said...

Very cool boxes Tina. the surprise on the lid is a great idea.

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