Oct 4, 2008

Polymer Clay Bottles, Boxes and Pendants

Was inspired to try something a little different with my Polymer Clay media. Choose to make things less shiny, give things a slighty more 'organic' look and matte. Created a starfish box, entirely crafted out of polymer clay. This one took a few firings. More pictures will have to follow as I actually altered the box from what you see here. I since added some 'kelp' on the outside to add more interest.
This polymer clay bottle incorporates a little eye contact lens bottle, measuring about 2" high. Originally I started making these in the early 90's. Am in dire need for more of these bottles, but haven't a clue whether they are still available. These decorated little bottles are now known as "Hope bottles", although I just like decorating them. This one has a polymer clay lid and a crackle layer.

The cuff I built on a double aluminum flashing base that I first covered with scrap polymer clay and baked before building onto it another layer with a veneered crackle base. Then baked again and gave it an other decorative layer.

The Pendants are the Polymer Clay Picasso version of my beaded ones. I take rebar wire and hammer it into shape and then use Polymer Clay as the base. The one on the left has a crackle version and the one on the right Pinata Inks.


Anonymous said...

Love the new things Tina. The box and the pendants are spectacular.!


Naama Zamir said...

I love how it turned out- especially the first box- well done!!

Beadcomber said...

Thanks V and Naama :) Am anxious to make more boxes.

Anonymous said...

Tina I am a bottle of hope addict and I fell in love with your bottle.
I am having problem too to find those bottles . It seems that they are less used. I hope you find some more and go on doing marvelous things.

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