Oct 13, 2008

Ancient Jewels in Polymer Clay

This weeks creations of Polymer Clay bracelet and necklace with an ancient feel. The stone is Dragonscale Agate, the band is woven from Japanese Cube and Triangle beads. The clasp is a convenient Rare Earth Magnet....strong! What should I name this bracelet?

A viking drop and medieval type cross incorporating crystal and pearls.

Before getting my first computer in December 2000 (Ya, the big y2k, lol), I used to try and keep track of my bead and polymer clay designs via sketches and the odd photograph. The digital age certainly has made things easier and more practical, although I now'loose' pictures amongst the thousands that are now in my files, so I still sketch the occasional piece.

Kotomi Yamamura's beautiful Elizabethan polymer clay designs have rekindled my passion for the medieval jewelry of the late 1490's and early 1500's. Kotomi sells her designs through numerous galleries as well as on etsy.

Back in January 2000 I created pendants from Polymer Clay that looked like ancient Viking pendants along with the odd medieval or Elizabethan piece. All the pieces sold very quickly and to this day my husband gently scolds me for selling these and not making more. He's right, but too many muses are chattering in my mind to do this, that, this, lol.

Here are a couple of sketches I had done January 2000. Wow....talk about rockbottom prices, they'd be a bargain now. Current pieces like this would fetch about twice as much now, considering the labour and experience that go with it.

Here are a couple of pieces I beaded in 2005/6. One has a polymer clay transfer with a Tall Ship and the other a polymer clay cabochon as the centrepiece of the front of a mirror compact.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!
I have to give thanks to my Creator for giving me many gifts, including the gift of creating...

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Anonymous said...

Really nice work!

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