Jan 25, 2013

Heaps of Cabochons to sell

Funny how I think that I have never enough cabochons, pendants and even buttons for jewelry and I definitely do! What happens is that I’ll need a certain colour and shape and make a larger batch than needed for a project instead of scrapping the clay that has been inked, crackled, silkscreened. patterned etc.


This means I don’t use them all and they pile up! then I repeat the process because I want something different instead of looking through what I already have. Told myself that this year I will need to make some changes, but I’ve decided I should sell some of these to give myself a fresh start. I need to empty some of these tins and boxes. Most items are from 2010 to 2012, so not out-dated nor rejects. Here are more! (but not all, lol)

DSC07844 DSC07843

and there are already started projects as well as many cabochons clued on Lacy’s Stiff Stuff in preparation for beadwork. Perhaps I should offer some ‘kits’ and work up some tutorials for the mounted ones and perhaps from the first photo pile.


Here are a couple along with a recent necklace I finished…so kits with a tutorial might work…what do you think?



Eclectic Beader said...

Beautiful Work! Where and when will you be listing them. Just checked your ArtFire store and didn't see any of these.

Toltec Jewels for Jewel School Friends said...

Tina, your cabs are THE FINEST I've ever seen. I'm not just saying that -- they simply are the best. And I would LOVE to buy some!! Right now, browsing for gem cabs for my chainmaille bezels & wirewrapping, I realize how incredibly special it would be to have art cabs -- and Beadcomber no less -- to use in my work.

I also think the tutorial & cab idea is awesome too! Love the marquis beauties you show!

Please, tag me on FB if you do decide to sell art cabs & let me know if you add art cab tuts to your store. This post is really an answer to my artist's wishes on stars, & I am very excited!

my Heritage Happens said...

Will look forward to your sale!

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