Jan 7, 2013

Glow in the dark and Faux Fun

It’s a new year and hoping you survived the holidays (or weather) without a hitch. Winter isn’t over tho. Apparently we had another Tsunami Warning a few nights ago which was changed to an Advisory…but we slept through it this time and didn’t even hear about it until next morning.

I sat down at my desk to try a Glow in the Dark shot with a borrowed camera. It’s just a simple Fuji, but has a manual setting and my older Sony only has Auto focus which isn’t possible to use in the dark. These dagger beads made from Glow-in-the-dark Premo will be for some earrings and necklace…might be interesting for a night out on the town. I mixed another colour into the clay as it was a bit too green in daylight.
The shot in the dark isn’t as crisp, but then it’s virtually impossible to focus a camera in the dark, even with ‘manual’ and a tripod…or I don’t understand how to use the camera correctly which is entirely possible since I don’t have the instructions.
This shot conveys the glitter quite well.
Ok…perhaps this is boring stuff for you, but I’ve also been working on some Faux things like Turquoise and Nephrite Jade. The slab is faux and for the Jade, the ovals are real. I hand carved the tubes. Hadn't done that for a while. One of my directions this year will be to create more focal beads and incorporating them with bead embroidery. Actually I don’t have a real plan yet.
What’s on your clay table?


vancouverpolyclayers said...

I really like the nephrite jade tubes you carved.

Mags said...

I like your faux turquoise and nephrite a lot!

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