Nov 26, 2012

Jewelry Display idea…

Not sure why those jewelry necklace displays are called busts when they are nothing but flat chested, lol. They are simple easel type of stands, but anyway, I wanted to show you what I did with a few of them. They used to be white…well, not so white as they looked scuffed up and had been well-used.
One of the galleries returned some to me when they closed shop, so I tried cleaning them for use elsewhere, but this made the white vinyl thin out and enhanced the damaged areas even more. I stopped short of tossing them to ponder what to do with them. I’m not a hoarder, but I require quite a few of these busts and since they are a small investment repair is the conservative way to go. Today while antiquing some Polymer clay Pins and Ornaments (I’ll show you tomorrow), I had an AHA! moment.
Gilders Paste!! I used Iris Blue for the busts. A couple of layers gives them a sort of jean blue effect. I think the leatherette of the small and larger bust must be a different type of vinyl…not sure, but the resulting color is just a little different. I now like these! Besides, I am bored with all the black and white which may look fine with gold or silver jewelry! About metallics, I might try a few in silver, gold or copper…they might make colourful polymer clay POP!


Vanessa said...

What a great way to fix up those old busts!

Martina Medenica said...

It is so refreshing when someone put his mind to it and instead of tossing away something old, tries to repurpose it or goive it a new shine and look :) Great job Tina and I like that uneven blue across the surface, it gives 3d effect and the jewelry just pop out :)

Elke said...

I have quite a few of them too. Great idea. Do you have to protect them furter so they don't rub of on the jewelry?

Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

Oh, Tina, I love your results!
Thank you for showing!

You are always inspiring!

Beadcomber said...

Thanks so much! I agree, I don't like just throwing out things. If I hadn't painted them I might have covered them with fabric. This was just easier. I didn't expect the 'blue' since the paste is really dark indigo, but I really like this color.
Elke, no, the Gilder's Paste dries and doesn't rub off...but haven't tested it long enough. Just using my thumb doesn't remove it. The nice thing about Gilder's Paste is you can layer it or use multiple colors. Use one color, let dry (dries within a few minutes) and then use another color.

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