Jul 22, 2012

Soup’s on!

Now that my partner Stefanie has received her Bead Soup mix I can reveal what I have sent her. I sent a big variety. We’re supposed to send one Focal Bead, a nice Clasp and Coordinating beads that must be used in at least one piece we create. We must at the very least create something with the focal bead and the clasp.
I decided to send something Canadian since Stefanie sent me something German…Chocolate…mmm… and Gummy Bears…mmm. I love Gummy Bears, lol.  Ok…well, I didn’t send edibles, but beads such as Metal Totem Beads (Orca, Pookmas, Thunderbird and Eagle), a really nice quality of flash Labradorite rondelles, Hematite and BC Jade.
The Focal Bead I sent, well, I sent 2 because one can be used as a Focal or as a clasp. I made this one from polymer clay and resin and the other one is a swirl lentil polymer clay bead.
These are the Coordinating beads I sent, although there is another clasp, a fold over magnetic one which I really like. I included some of my handmade faux coral, Lampwork, chevron trade beads, a Nepal bead, spacer beads and African glass.
And there is more! I wasn’t sure how much or how little to send. On the left are some of my pink handmade polymer clay flowers, more pink polymer clay beads, blue African glass, green African sinter glass, Turquoise nuggets, Czech glass stars and pink crazy lace agate.
I blogged in my last post what Stefanie sent me, but have to admit I am having trouble with some of the beads as any one of them could be a focal since there aren’t really any pairs for the larger ones, so the obvious choice seems to be the copper heart as a focal, along with the chain and of course the copper clasp. I’m too spoiled making my own beads with polymer clay and I’m not sure what to do with all the single little beads yet either as I tend to work symmetrically or with pairs. The challenge is ON!! I will make this work as these are some of my favorite colours! The  green jade discs might work for some earrings.Oh boy, what did I get myself into!!! haha. Helps creativity! yes it does.3-DSC07622
There is also this extra little pack of stuff…what to make, what to make!? Again…what did I get myself into!!! lol…I know I will do something with these. After all it’s a create challenge too, right?
I’m looking forward seeing what Stefanie will create with all the beads I’ve sent and I’ve been checking her blog, but she hasn’t updated since May Sad smile so hopefully she will soon as we’re supposed to share not only our finished creations, but about the bead soups themselves.
Anyway…it’s Sunday, I’m going to make some Coffee and get busy. Help!!! lol


Vanessa said...

The hearts shapped focal/clasp is wonderful Tina.! I am certain your swap partner loves all the beads you sent. What a great variety!

gelfling50 said...

Wow what a gorgeous collection of beads and clasp. I hope to one day figure out how I can get into a soup group...This just looks like loads and loads of fun...love your blog

ozgrkdn said...

Hi Tina, My daughter's blog LookbookUnlimited is began broadcasting...I hope, you do support her:)))Have a nice day:))

Beadcomber said...

The Bead Soup Blog Hop is now an annual event as there are so many participants. There are other smaller swaps though. Check it out on FB :)

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