May 6, 2010

Polymer Clay Poetry - Jewelry sets

Butterflies in brown,
Hummingbirds of green,
add a pretty gown,
 and let yourself be seen... this.
Ok, I suck at poetry, lol. I better stick to polymer clay. I made this with my Batik and Shimmer technique. You can find it here for the 'Batik and Shimmer', if you're curious and haven't tried it for yourself yet :)
I strung this one late last night. 5 graduated pendants with butterflies, humming birds and other textures. Strung with semi-precious tiger eye and glass beads.
Some close ups...
and some matching earrings...

When I put this up for sale I find it hard to sell these 'sets' as separate items. Not everyone wears earrings (like me) and not everyone wears necklaces, so offering separate pieces is a must, however, with some things it feels like I'm breaking a butterfly in half...and most often the earrings go first. I didn't have enough of the pattern to make another set of earrings, so will make some with the glass beads and tiger eye as an alternative...the complete set will be cheaper tho than the separates...


Miss Bristling said...

I love your work so much !!!!
Amitiés de France

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Tina
Love the Batik Tutorial.
Sent for it, hasnt arrived yet.
Have just sent you an email about it.
Hope you see it.
Love yur work.
Elizabeth K.

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