Feb 22, 2010

Polymer Clay Bytes! - Inukshuk Pendants

I've created a few Polymer Clay Inukshuk pendants while making imitative beach pebbles. The Inukshuk is the official Olympic Symbol of the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver.
Mine are almost camouflaged by the real stones, maybe a more colourful background was needed. Oh well, I don't claim to be good at taking photos. The two inukshuk disc pendants are on their way to Norway!


Go Canada Go! is being shouted here at home at our television screens as if the athletes could hear us, lol. We've been watching a lot of the Events while assembling items that we are readying for various destinations. I permanently have a bookmark open to the Olympic schedule so I know what is happening and when. Visitors to Vancouver are actually quite fortunate with the weather...sunny and Spring seems to be just around the corner. Imagine having to travel between Vancouver and Whistler, even via Coach, while it was snowing or with slush and ice on the roads. The warmer weathers seems to be a blessing after all.

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