Feb 8, 2008

Our vision - our eyes

I've got a box full of pendants I'm planning on working into earrings and necklaces today. I guess I'm looking forward to it, but the teeny little beads I plan to use for some of them give me a headache already.
My eyesight was never very good, at least for distance. Seems that between 40 and 50 a switch is flipped off and suddenly our vision is altered. Seems the difference is made between night and day. For the longest time I could take my glasses off and have extreme macro vision and still was able to see clearly 3 feet from my face. Even with Contacts. Glasses were for TV and driving only. The macro vision was an awesome ability to have, but over the years, unfortunately I'm having difficulty both for distance AND near, so my glasses have turned into progressive trifocals. I hate them with a passion! They're costly, but worse, after only one year they are already out of focus! Now I have a second pair...mono vision, that is they are only good for reading and beading. They are kind of like the reading glasses you can buy, only they cost 10 times more and are the opposite, have a 'minus #' whereas reading glasses have a 'plus #'. My husband who now needs reading glasses, was a funny sight when he put mine on and exclaimed: "what is wrong with THESE?! I can't see!" Well, honey, you need the $10 drugstore pair.

Surgery.....mmm....I was talking to a Specialist friend who lives in Arkansas and he recommends NOT getting Lasik. Why? Because then I would have to wear the drugstore glasses, lol.
Contacts....don't work well, one would have to wear one contact for 'close vision' and the other for 'distance'. Confusing for the brain.
Some people ask why fine beadwork is so costly. Actually mine has always been what I consider exceptionally reasonable, but over the years some of my prices have slowly crept up a bit. Not only because of my vision, but because quality has gone up too and long-time experience should count for something also....and then I have to pay for eye glasses. Perhaps my jewelry cards should have a little note: "Please donate $1 toward my much needed glasses so I can continue making beautiful things for you." Yeah, right! lol
I'm hoping that when others read this they will understand how important our eyes are.

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Hi Tina,

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