Feb 7, 2008

Cameras, lights and action!....nothing ever easy!

Got lucky today! well, a little late for 'this' project (am doing some tutorials), but will make it easier for future ones. Seems that DSLR (digital single light reflex) cameras are becoming the thing for professional digital pictures and more and more publishers are asking for them. Not a thrilling thought just when we thought that we finally could do away with 'slide' requests. We all know there is a lot of talk about megapixels. Then comes jpeg, tiff and raw and if that doesn't sound confusing add a 300 dpi request. I always thought that my 3.3 megapixel Sony Cybershot DSC-S70 did just fine....the white balance is actually better than for my daughters 6 megapixel Kodak.
Now size isn't supposed to be everything, but the Canon D30, it weighs a whopping 1.72 lbs without the battery! My Sony weighs a scant 14.5 oz. with the battery. Newer cameras weigh probably HALF that. Cameras are supposed to be light.

So what else is different between this 3.1 megapixel camera and my Sony?! The lens in the Canon is twice as large and can adapt other lenses.
I always thought megapixels mean the same things for different cameras but apparently there is a lot more to pixels than the numbers imply. The 3.1 megapixel DSLR Canon can take greater pixel sizes and at greater resolution BLABLABLA...
I still don't understand this technical stuff, nor should I have to understand all this stuff, should I? I'm an artist not a professional photographer, but seems the two are becoming more and more interwoven as we post pics of our work on blogs, on Flickr, on Etsy and Ebay. Critical eyes looking at our work and judgment based on the visual effect. If the picture sucks so does our work. Being ever critical of my work, my pictures SUCK! lol How do others do art and photography so well!...?? I need some lessons!

I'll give the camera a try. My friend Wayne is loaning me his DSLR since he uses it about as often as we take Polaroids. There is a 150 page manual to read through (big groan here) so I'll have to do some experimenting to see how different it actually is from my Sony. These DSLR's aren't cheap, this one goes for about$1300. My Sony when I bought it 2000 cost me $1500, so am not so anxious going out and buying another. Will see if 'quality' makes a difference.
Most importantly....I might still take crappy pictures with the better camera, lol! Nothing ever EASY, but always more complicated. Don't you agree?

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France said...

YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! and yes, around 42-ish it all went downhill for me! Tri-focals as well, and I hate them too, they are ok for much, but not OK for the computer, and my work involves computers, and I have to wear my $10 drugstore pair for computer work!
I clearly remember not wanting to do any craft because I just couldn't see what I was doing. And that's probably why my work is so simple... no need to focus too much!!

Your words echoed my thoughts!!!
I've been SERIOUSLY thinking of getting this book! Worth a shot I think.

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