Jan 23, 2008

Easy to use Calculator...

I should have known better, lol, than to list a math problem with 'sine' in it when even I don't have one of THOSE calculators sitting around the house anymore and my daughter just moved out and took hers with her. Sorry about that, folks. Anyway, still want to know how to calculate Murphy's Law? Here's an easy to use calculator, just enter numbers and they do the calculations for you: http://andrew.triumf.ca/cgi-bin/murphy.html
(After you enter all the numbers hit 'submit' and the answer shows up right beneath it).

According to the calculator I have a 17% chance of screwing up my urgent project which is due in a couple of days and that I had better get someone to 'proof-read' it. I guess that'll be my editor, lol. I guess 17% isn't so bad.
What numbers did you get? Let me know.


Anonymous said...

This is what I got for the contest I am in for work = Biggest Loser. I really need to be successful at this.

Score: 13.569
Risk Factor: 109949.4

Beadcomber said...

I think you're too hard on yourself. There are always bigger losers somewhere else. If you are doing a mock of the TV show 'biggest loser', then your percentage for success is quite excellent! We're given these numbers for fun...I wouldn't be deterred,lol

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